11 Hilarious Foreign Translations of ’90s Romantic Comedies

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The ’90s was THE decade for romance, humor and terribly, awesome wardrobe choices. Yes, there were romantic comedies before the ’90s, but they just don’t compare to films like Pretty Woman, which stars the queen of rom-coms, Julia Roberts, or Clueless, which you have to admit is one of the greatest teen-based films of all time.

Despite the amazing rom-coms that came during this time, not all of their foreign titles were as great as the romantic story lines that ruined real-life relationships for all of us. In fact, there are some seriously hilarious translations of some of our fave rom-coms that you need to see. Check out the list below and get ready to laugh.


Clueless is like, totally the best title for this teen film. Not everyone, however, agreed with the given name. When Poland released the girly 1995 film, they called it, Sweet Worries. It's not half as catchy as the American title, but Cher really does have "sweet" or small worries in the film, so we'll allow it.

Photo: Paramount

Never Been Kissed

Thank you, rom-com gods, for giving us this totally awkward, Drew Barrymore film. What could be better than a kissing virgin going back to high school? The Philippines' title for the romantic flick, that's what. They call it, Because She's Ugly. Yes, that is their title. We can't even explain in words how funny, terrible and awesome this is. It's just too much.

Photo: Fox 2000 Pictures

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman might be the best romantic comedy of all time. Yep, we said it. This 1990s hit, however, didn't really translate to every country. Bulgaria calls it Cookie, which is a phrase that means "a bit of skirt." Sure, it's not as tasteful, but they aren't lying either.

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My Best Friend's Wedding

The rom-com queen, Julia Roberts strikes again! We totally get falling in love with your BFF, like Jules' character does in this movie. Unfortunately, Turkey didn't quite get it. They named this 1997 film, Discount Marrying My Friend. It just doesn't have the same ring to it... or make any sense.

Photo: TriStar Pictures

Chasing Amy

Mexico understood the irony of Ben Affleck's character, Holden, falling in love with a lesbian with its title translation. My Wrong Party is what they decided to call the hilarious film. Seriously, this might be a bit too literal for some, but we are SO on board with this name change.

Photo: Miramax

Fools Rush In

Italy went a little crazy when they titled this rom-com, Apple and Tequila. Then again, the main characters decide to get married after having a one-night stand, so maybe they were drunk on tequila? And apples?

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Honeymoon In Vegas

Austria has dubbed this 1992 film, But Not with My Bride. Hey, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

Photo: New Line Cinema

It Could Happen to You

Yet, another Nicolas Cage film to make the list. Austria kept it simple and to the point with their title for this 1994 flick calling it, $2,000,000 Tip. Lottery, love and a big tip, what more could you want from a rom-com?

Photo: TriStar Pictures

Jerry Maguire

You... complete me. Seriously, we swoon every time Tom Cruise utters those words. Despite the perfect one-liners in the film, Hungary didn't have the perfect title for the film calling it, Jerry Maguire: High Face. What does this even mean? Hungary, you didn't have us at hello.

Photo: TriStar Pictures

Sleepless In Seattle

France calls this classic '90s love story, The Magic of Destiny. How does someone capture the magic of destiny? We must know!

Photo: TriStar Pictures

The Cutting Edge

Canada's French title of this ice skating love story is Flame Ice. Does ice ever catch fire? Is it too hot on the ice because of the romance between Doug and Kate? Explain yourself, Canada!

Photo: Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

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