21 People Who Tried & Failed Miserably at the #KylieJennerLipsChallenge

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Kylie Jenner‘s had her megawatt lips for quite some time now, but people still tried and failed miserably at attempting to get her plump pucker this past weekend. Here are 21 of the worst (re: best) examples of the #KylieJennerLipsChallenge:

The biggest fail of ’em all:

Instagram (@lookthisnuggets)

Instagram (@lookthisnuggets)

For more #KylieJennerLipsChallenge injuries, click here.

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  • Sandra Cundiff

    why are people so stupid??? if kylie jenner jumped off a cliff will all of u do it too?

  • Esther Marie Braun

    Idiots, complete and total idiots.

  • Biffy Kinter

    Do you know what’s funny about all this is that she didn’t use a glass to get her lips like that lol. People are so dumb. She actually uses lip liner to make her lips that big I watched her how to video. So for all u young ladies out there need to stay away from every glass in your house just use your mothers lip liner it’s safer and more realistic.

  • Guest

    The last one is fake,its actually a injury sustained by someone playing rugby,not someone doing the idiotic challenge