14 Insanely Gorgeous Makeup Looks that’ll Make Your Blue Eyes Sparkle

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We already covered the makeup basics for girls with brown eyes, and now it’s time to address the ladies with light peepers! Blue eyes are rare, but SO stunning. Wanna see how you can make your aqua eyeballs sparkle? Keep reading!

1. The contrast between dark shadow and light eyes is GORG!

2. Who said blue on blue is a bad thing?

3. Copper eyeshadow will be blue-eyed girls’ best friend.

4. Really, the warmer the shade the better!

5. If you’re feeling really bold, you can even use orange shadow.

6. The same idea works for everyday looks, too.

7. Silver glitter will make blue eyes look piercing.

8. Peach is perfect!

9. See?

10. Sometimes, thick lashes are all you need.

11. A bit of gray liner can make all the difference, too!

12. Red-browns are neutral but will still help your blue eyes stand out.

13. When in doubt, gold it out!

14. And rose gold is even better!

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