21 Magical DIY Harry Potter Graduation Caps All Potterheads will Obsess Over

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No matter what life situation you’re facing, there’s a Harry Potter quote/moment to help you get through it. And since graduation marks the start of a brand-new chapter in your story (no pun intended), it’s only fitting to bring HP and crew along with you on your big day.

Potterheads, these DIY Harry Potter-inspired grad caps are SO magical it’s almost riddikulus. See what we did there? Check ’em out!

1. That’d really speed the whole process up!

2. Sums up basc everyone’s college experience:

3. If you’re feeling SUPER creative…

4. Shoutout to Dobby!

5. Wouldn’t we all?

6. Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life!

7. Still waiting…

8. Harry Potter is the home to HUNDREDS of amazing quotes.

9. See?

10. Always…

11. OH! That explains it…

12. A tribute to Fred & George:

13. Yes it was.

14. For those who want a visual representation of Hogwarts:

15. WOW!

16. True dat!

17. Who wouldn’t want Dumbledore with them on graduation?

18. Preach!

19. You deserve this!

20. Not sure what we like better, the quote or the face.

21. It does.

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