15 Terrible Things You Didn’t Realize You Learned from Drake & Josh

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“Hug me brotha!” Ah, we can’t help but smile when we hear those words. Drake & Josh is still one of the greatest shows that Nickelodeon has every created and it ended eight years ago. Despite Drake Bell and Josh Peck’s amazing on-screen chemistry and Miranda Cosgrove’s evil side always making us laugh, there are some horrible things we learned by watching this show.

Remember when Megan used to torture her big bros and get away with it? Ya, that is just one of many examples of the terrible life lessons Drake & Josh taught you. If you thought the bad lessons Victorious taught you were crazy just wait until you take a look back at the hilarious yet strange lessons that were hidden in Drake & Josh!

1. Melding two families will happen with ease. For some families coming together is totally simple, but Drake and Josh make is look way too fun to become a new family. It would take way longer to become as close as they instantly are. Sorry.

2. Your boss is supposed to be mean to you. Wrong! Poor Josh, he is totally used and abused at work, which he seems to think is what everyone deals with. No one should be able to push you around like Helen does with Josh.

Tumblr (gif-database)

Tumblr (gif-database)

3. Teachers ask their students to house sit. First of all, this seems highly unlikely. Second of all, since Drake’s teacher really, really dislikes him, why does he even agree to help Josh house sit? It makes no sense.

4. Being hot means you can’t be smart. Poor Drake, he was so pretty yet so dumb. New flash: In the real world just because you are the “cute one” doesn’t mean you are also stupid. It’s an annoying stereotype that needs to go away.

5. Being a rock star in high school is SO easy. We get it, Drake is totally attractive and really good at the guitar, but being a rock star in high school would never be that easy. Seriously, it would be way harder than this show makes it look.

6. Little sisters always get their way. If being a girl meant you won every argument in life, we would definitely be on board. Sadly, life is hard and little sisters don’t automatically get their way.

7. Puberty is the best thing ever. In Josh Peck’s case puberty was SO great. Just look at that face! But, don’t get your hopes up because you might look exactly the same after you go through puberty and that’s okay.

Tumblr (nickelodeon)

Tumblr (nickelodeon)

8. Creating a Bed and Breakfast while your parents are out of town is a good idea. Ya, no it’s not! Come on, it would NEVER be a good idea to invite strangers to live in your house when the actual adults are no longer there to watch you. So dumb.

9. Holding a grudge is healthy. The fact that Drake and Josh both have a huge grudge about which boy got the last foam finger when they were kids is insane. You have to let things go to move on, duh.

10. Hating your BF’s sibling is totally fine. The fact that Mindy Crenshaw (Josh’s GF) hates Drake so much should be a total red flag, but it isn’t which is strange. You don’t have to love your sibling’s BF or GF, but you do have to pretend to be nice to them.

11. Attacking your siblings gets you ice cream and other treats. Okay, so Megan does realize that torturing her brothers isn’t always the best idea, but when she does hurt them she somehow gets rewarded. It’s totally twisted. If you beat up your brothers your parents will punish you not give you treats. Ugh!

12. Crazy people are to be laughed at. Yes, Crazy Steve is hilarious on the show, but in real life you should not poke fun at people who can easily lose their cool. Trust us.

Tumblr (niftydiamonds)

Tumblr (niftydiamonds)

13. Guys will like you more if you are constantly making fun of them or trying to one up them. Mindy is a total bully yet she ends up with Josh? This is not cool or okay. Don’t be mean to people, it’s not the right thing to do and it won’t get you the guy.

14. Being obsessed with a celebrity means you’re normal. Josh’s love for Oprah is probably one of the greatest story lines ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. You can love celebs, but talking to their life-size cutout in your room is taking it a little too far.

Tumblr (buzzfeed)

Tumblr (buzzfeed)

15. Boys never grow up. Okay, this one might actually be true. Either way some of the things Drake and Josh do in their room (like jumping into a pool of chocolate) are totally unrealistic and really immature.

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