All of Taylor Swift’s Best Friends Who Dated One of Her Exes

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Taylor Swift has a long list of Starbucks lovers ex-lovers, so it’s no surprise that there are numerous celebrities who are currently dating or have previously dated one of her former boyfriends. What’s a bit more rare but not too far-fetched is that some of her best friends have dated or are currently dating one of her exes, too. While it’s become more of a norm among Hollywood than one would think, dating the same people and remaining friends and all, isn’t this usually against girl code? Swifty seems to be okay with it all, so we guess it’s fine… Still pretty weird, though, in our opinion.

Then again, Taylor isn’t totally innocent herself. In fact, her current beau, Calvin Harris, dated one of her BFFs before they got together. To see who we’re talking about and which other friends of Tay’s have dated the same guys she did, check out the gallery below. One more thing to always remember: sisters before misters!

Selena Gomez

2009 was a good year for Taylor Lautner. Okay, so it wasn’t all good, since he broke up with Selena that year (they were cute while they lasted), but he also dated Taylor in 2009, so that’s a good thing. After Sel and Taylor broke up, Taylor Squared as they were called were linked for three months before calling it quits. Even though these two BFFs both dated the Twilight star they are still super close. In fact the only guy who has ever come between them was Justin Bieber, but they are SO past that drama now. Well, we hope they are.

Photo: Instagram (@selenagomez)

Gigi Hadid

Calling all Joe Jonas lovers… we're looking at you Gigi! The Australian model and "Shake It Off" singer have proven their friendship through girls' nights, spending holidays together and even rocking out on Tay's 1989 Tour together, so obviously there are no hard feelings over Gigi's new beau. Even though Taylor's romance with the former Jonas Brother singer ended on a sour note, with his stupid phone call break up, it looks like Taylor has taken the high road. In fact, Taylor, Calvin (her current BF), Gigi, Joe and T-Swift's bestie Karlie Kloss all hung out in London recently and everyone looked very happy.

Photo: Instagram (@gigihadid)

Demi Lovato

Even though Joe is currently dating Gigi, his most public romance would definitely be with Demi. The two met while starring on Camp Rock together and everyone was SO happy when they became a real-life couple. What you might not remember is that the "Bad Blood" singer actually dated Joe first in 2008 and wrote "Better Than Revenge" about their break up and about the girl he reportedly dumped her for Camilla Belle. Demi then dated Joe starting in March 2010, but their fling only lasted a few months. Clearly it didn't rub T-Swift the wrong way, or let's be honest, she would've written a song about it.

Photo: Instagram (@ddlovato)

Ashley Greene

As soon as Demi and Joe called it quits, the former Disney star started dating Ashley almost instantly. Their romance started in 2010 and ended in May 2011. Although Taylor isn't "best friends" with the Twilight actress, she has been friendly with her in the past and they've been spotted talking at award shows. Seriously, what's so good about Joe? Yes, he's super cute and talented, but is he really worth possibly ending four friendships? Probably not, but he does manage to get a lot of cute GFs.

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Ellie Goulding

The British and American singers have a lot in common. They are both blonde, they are killer singers and we'd raid their closet any day. The biggest thing they have in common however, is the fact that Calvin Harris has dated them both. Ellie was linked to Calvin back in 2014, but she is definitely over him now that she is with Dougie Poynter. In fact, the "Love Me Like You Do" singer revealed that she is responsible for setting Taylor up with her Scottish beau. Yep, she is still friends with the DJ and thought since they were both great people and very tall, they'd be great together. What a little match maker!

Photo: Instagram (@elliegoulding)

Cara Delevingne

According to reports the British model was casually dating One Direction singer Harry Styles in 2013. Harry reportedly had a thing for Cara since 2011, and he was interested in becoming exclusive. If this is true it would definitely be a bad thing seeing as Taylor dated Harry starting in 2012 and when they broke up it was clear she was heartbroken. She wrote, "I Knew You Were Trouble" about the 1D hunk and has dissed him publicly since their breakup in 2013. Despite the dating rumors, Cara and Harry have always denied that they were anything more than friends. Thank goodness.

Photo: Instagram (@caradelevingne)

Kendall Jenner

Unlike Cara and Harry, who were rumored to have dated, Kendall and the One Direction cutie were spotted out on dates a lot during 2014. After dating for three months the pair called it quits, but a few months after their split, which was in February, they were seen together again, which sparked rumors they were back together. Since Taylor and Harry had been broken up for at least a year when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star began her romance with Harry, Taylor didn’t act very upset by the relationship. In fact, Kendall appeared on stage as a part of Tay's 1989 Tour in June 2015 during one of her London performances. Sounds like true friendship to us.

Photo: Getty

Taylor Swift

This is probably the most intense example of friends dating their BFF's exes. Before both Taylor and Katy dated John Mayer there was "mad love" between them as friends, but afterwards the two ended their friendship. All right, so that’s not exactly how it went down. Taylor dated John in 2009 and after they broke up she wrote "Dear John," which if you remember, doesn't paint him in a good light. Katy started dating the "Paper Doll" singer in 2012 and broke up in 2014. They are reportedly now back together, or at least hanging out again. Through both girls' relationships with John they were actually friends, but in 2013 they had a huge falling out and Tay's song "Bad Blood" proves it.

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