Where Are They Now? The Girls Who Left Pretty Little Liars‘ Rosewood

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Pretty Little Liars is all about the ladies. Seriously, we couldn’t imagine our lives without Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin and Aria Montgomery. Although the Liars are the main focal point of the show, there are way more actresses on the series than the main four. We know what you’re thinking, what about all the hot Rosewood men? True there are extremely good-looking men on this show, but we’re all about girl power.

Alright, so besides the badass women who are currently on the series (hello, Mona Vanderwaal anyone?), there have been a ton of ladies that have kicked butt throughout the five, now six seasons, of the show. To see what your fave former Rosewood ladies are up to check out the gallery below. Spoiler: Not all the girls listed are gone from PLL for good!

Tammin Sursok

a.k.a. Jenna Marshall

As Rosewood's original baddie, Jenna is always on our minds. Yes, she's been the victim a few times, she's almost died twice, but usually she's up to no good. She tricks everyone, is super vengeful and always has an ulterior motive, which the Liars are very aware of now. The last anyone heard from Jenna was during the season five Christmas episode.

Since playing the super scary, Jenna, Tammin has been working on two films, one is a feature film and one is a TV movie. The 31-year-old actress has also been focusing on motherhood and spending time with her one-year-old daughter Phoenix.

Photo: ABC Family

Lindsey Shaw

a.k.a. Paige McCullers

If you're anything like us, you are still super bummed that Paige left for California in the middle of season five. Seriously, why can't Emily and Paige stay together forever? Even though Paige left her love at the airport, we're still hopeful she will return to the series eventually. Fingers crossed it's sometime in season six!

Until Paige comes back (think happy thoughts), fans of the former Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide actress should turn their attention to the big screen. Lindsey is currently working on three films and one TV movie. In fact, according to reports all of her new films should be hitting theaters this year.

Photo: ABC Family

Torrey DeVitto

a.k.a. Melissa Hastings

Hello, who can forget Spencer's annoying and twisted older sister Melissa? Okay, so she's not gone for good, thank goodness, but Melissa has been totally M.I.A. since she appeared on an episode of the show in March 2015. According to reports you can expect to see Melissa in January 2016, which is way too far away, but we guess we'll deal with it.

The actress who plays Melissa, is a TV guru. In the past she's appeared on One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries to name a few shows. During her current hiatus from PLL, Torrey has been working on three new films, so get excited Torrey fans, she's coming to the big screen really soon!

Photo: ABC Family

Bianca Lawson

a.k.a. Maya St. Germain

Oh Maya, how we miss you so! As Emily's first love, we will always have a special place in our hearts for her, even though she went a little wild and had to go to rehab. When Maya began doing drugs again, Emily dumped her once and for all, which led to Maya running away and then going missing. In one of the saddest deaths on PLL, Maya was found murdered in "UnmAsked" in season two. Emily eventually avenged her death by killing her murderer in season three.

Since her time in Rosewood ended, Bianca has played Emily Bennett on The Vampire Diaries and starred in numerous TV movies. She is also currently on both Teen Wolf and Rogue. Talk about being busy!

Photo: ABC Family

Aeriel Miranda

a.k.a. Shana Fring

Shana was a really interesting character on the series, during her 12 episodes. After arriving in Rosewood, knowing Alison's grandmother and falling for Jenna things got complicated. Shana most notably tried to kill Alison, only to accidentally shoot Ezra instead. When she tried to kill Ali again and the Liars, Aria came just in time and knocked her off the stage to her death!

Since her dramatic role as Shana ended, Aeriel has been keeping busy. In 2014 she was on one episode of BlackBoxTV and she is currently working on Straight Outta Compton, which hits theaters in August.

Photo: ABC Family

Vanessa Ray

a.k.a. Cece Drake

We first met Cece in season three and she was sassy and very bitchy. After fleeing to New York City in the beginning of season five, we thought we'd seen the last of her (she is a murderer so she's always a threat), but she returned during the Christmas episode. Cece is now completely gone, but with Cece, nothing lasts forever.

Even though her time as Cece is currently on a break, Vanessa is still acting. In 2013 (while she was still on PLL) she started her role as Officer Jenko on Blue Bloods. The series just finish its fifth season, but that doesn't mean any rest for Vanessa. In fact she is currently working on two films scheduled to be released this year.

Photo: ABC Family

Chloe Bridges

a.k.a. Sydney Driscoll

Although Sydney only came to Rosewood in season five, she has made some serious waves. As one of Alison's new followers and a friend of Jenna, she quickly became someone that Emily didn't trust. Even though she agreed with Emily and said she thought Alison killed Mona, Emily does not like her. We haven't seen her since "How the 'A' Stole Christmas" in 2014.

Before landing her seven episode role on the ABC Family series, Chloe starred on The Carrie Diaries. Since her time on PLL she has done two films. Both The Final Girls and Nightlight came out in March 2015.

Photo: ABC Family

Miranda Rae Mayo

a.k.a. Talia Sandoval

Talia first arrived in Rosewood during the fifth season and was a pain in Emily's butt when she first worked at The Brew. They eventually got over their feud and instead started a little romance. The two then parted ways after seven episodes when Talia decided to leave town and her husband. She was last seen towards the end of season five during the "Bloody Hell" episode.

Miranda has been pretty busy during 2015. After her time on the ABC Family show she appeared in 15 episodes of Days of Our Lives. Most recently she's been on True Detective season two in addition to filming two new projects.

Photo: ABC Family

Amanda Schull

a.k.a. Meredith Sorenson

Starting in season one Amanda played Meredith for seven episodes. During that time she was totally insane. Okay maybe not the whole time, but she wasn't a good person at all. Meredith was a substitute teacher that Aria's father cheated on her mom with. During season three, Meredith drugs Aria, locks her in her room and then eventually locks her and her friends in the basement before being sent away to get help for mental issues. Luckily, she never came back.

Amanda has since starred in a few TV movies and is currently on the SyFy series 12 Monkeys as Dr. Cassandra Railly. She has also been on Suits for 17 episodes so far as Katrina Bennett.

Photo: ABC Family

Larisa Oleynik

a.k.a. Maggie Cutler

For seven episodes, during season three and season four of the show, Larisa played Maggie, Ezra's ex-girlfriend. Like her ex, she was a teacher, who claimed her son was Ezra's, but it was later revealed that he wasn't. After telling Ezra the truth in season three she basically just disappeared along with her son, Malcom.

Larisa is a seasoned pro when it comes to acting. Come on, she was in 10 Things I Hate About You, remember? After her brief role on PLL, the California native was seen on Hawaii Five-0 and Mad Men. She recently finished filming a short film called The Mamet Women.

Photo: ABC Family

Claire Holt

a.k.a. Samara Cook

It's all A's fault that Samara disappeared in season two. We still remember how adorable Emily and Samara were together, but after A ran interference the two broke up and Samara was never seen again. The bright side: Emily eventually dated Paige!

Since Claire’s five-episode stint on the show as Samara, she has gone on to star on some pretty big TV series. The Australian actress played Rebekah on The Vampire Diaries and then went on to star in the spinoff series The Originals. She is now playing a cop on NBC's new series, Aquarius. Oh and if that's not enough, the actress is now engaged to her longtime BF Matt Kaplan.

Photo: ABC Family

Natalie Hall

a.k.a. Kate Randall

Although the character Kate, Hanna's stepsister, was introduced in season one, Natalie Hall didn't start playing the character until season two. In the beginning of season two, Kate makes it clear that she is going to make Hanna’s life miserable and her plan to take her down begins. After Kate frames Hanna for sending out a naked picture of her and gets caught, Hanna's father takes her out of Rosewood High and she is never seen again.

Natalie’s career has taken off since her PLL appearance in 2011 and 2012. She was on Drop Dead Diva as a guest star before landing a role on Star-Crossed. She is currently working on five new projects and has guest starred on both Royal Pains and True Blood.

Photo: ABC Family

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