17 Inappropriate Pocahontas Memes That’ll Tear You Apart

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After seeing those Lion King memes, you can’t blame us for having our minds in the gutter. It’ll be hard not to see the sexual innuendos in all Disney films from here on out, which brings us to our latest inappropriate obsession: Pocahontas.

The beloved bond between Pocahontas and John Smith is about to get just a little bit corrupted (because, you know, the Western Imperialism angle wasn’t enough to spoil it already). Are you ready to never be able to watch Pocahontas the same ever again? Proceed with caution:

1. A woman on a mission.

2. Whoa, chill, Pocahontas!

3. Pull yourself together for the sake of children everywhere.

4. Girl be horny AF.

5. So that’s how she got John Smith’s attention?

6. Hmmm… Very doubtful that’s what Grandmother Willow meant:

7. No, no, no, no no, no!

8. Why must you be so effed up, Disney?

9. Why did we ever think this movie was for children??

10. Enough already. We get it!

11. Really deep or really dirty?

12. Clearly wasting no time:

13. BURN!

14. Keep telling yourself that, John.

15. Pocahontas’ response:

16. Always sassy, never trashy.

17. Orrrrrr not:

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