10 Boy Band Hotties Who Have Been Linked to a Little Mix Girl

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There are many perks to being a member of Little Mix; the glam lifestyle, cool circle of friends, Red Carpet events… The list goes on and on. Quite possibly the one thing that we are most jealous of is the fact that these girls basically have an all-access pass to dating whoever they want, because LBR, anyone who would turn these ladies down is an idiot. *Cough, Zayn Malik, Cough*

With that said, the girls have certainly used this to their advantage when snagging the cutest boy band members around. A group that has collectively dated a total of 10 guys from boy bands — with the exception of two dance troupe hotties, but like same diff, amirite? — is obvs doing something right. With Jesy Nelson coming in hot “dating” 6/10 guys on the list, we have to give credit where credit is due. Click through the gallery to see all the musical fellas these girls have been linked to in the past:

Zayn Malik

Zayn can try to erase his boy band image as much as he wants, but we'll always remember the tragic love story that is Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, which had its beginnings when the two met on The X Factor in 2011. Little did we know we were in for one crazy roller coaster ending with the ultimate drop. RIP Zerrie: December 2011 — August 2015.

Photo: Instagram

Niall Horan

Zayn isn't the only 1D boy linked to a Little Mix gal. In fact, Niall is rumored to have hooked up with not one, but two members of the girl group. In 2013 he was being linked to Jesy and just this summer rumors sparked that he and Jade were having a fling.

Photo: Getty

Jake Roche

Besides being one of the cutest celebrity couples on all of Instagram, the Rixton singer got down on one knee during Jesy's sound check this July. She obviously said "yes". Awww.

Photo: Instagram (@jesymix14)

Jamar Harding

Leigh-Anne and Jamar were a confirmed couple back in 2012. The Cover Drive singer was introduced to Leigh-Anne through a mutual friend and the two hit it off, for a while at least.

Photo: Pinterest

Sam Craske

Jade and Sam, a member of the dance troupe Diversity dated for two years. The couple decided to call it quits last year.

Photo: Instagram (@sam_craske)

Jordan Banjo

The Little Mix chicks must have really liked the dance group Diversity. Jesy Nelson also dated member Jordan Banjo around the same time as Jade and Sam were together. In fact, the couples split right around the same time as each other, as well. Hmmm, sounds fishy.

Photo: Twitter(@littlemix)

George Shelley

The Union J singer was once romantically linked to Jesy, though the two went out of their way to deny any rumors of a romance. George even made a specific Twitter rant to be sure to clear the air.

Photo: Instagram (@george__shelley)

Derry Mensah

When Jade first started dating Sam Craske, talks that she had cheated on him during The X Factor Live Tour with The Risk's Derry Mensah started to spread. Whether or not this was the case, Jade and Sam dated for nearly two years following the cheating rumors.

Photo: Instagram (@dezmensa)

JJ Thompson

After ending a relationship in 2012, Jesy tried to get back in the dating groove by going on a date with JJ Thompson, member of the former boy band Kingsland Road. Things went sour when Jordan flashed the paps his undies.

Photo: Instagram (@iamjjthompson)

Eddie Brett

Jesy's long list of boy band flings also includes Eddie Brett, who was a member of the British boy band Loveable Rogues. When the two were spotted leaving a club together hand-in-hand, everyone assumed they were paired off. The Little Mix singer immediately took to her Twitter to set the record straight.

Photo: Instagram (@mreddiebrett)

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