Where Are They Now? The Dead Tributes from The Hunger Games

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In 2012 the world was blessed with the first installment of The Hunger Games and our lives were forever changed. The YA novels that have become movies are SO good and film after film we become more hooked. The first film made Jennifer Lawrence a big freaking deal and we are totally grateful for her, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. The Hunger Games trio is ah-mazing together, but they aren’t the film’s only stars.

Sure Elizabeth Banks is wickedly great in the films (we do LOVE her in Pitch Perfect as well), but we’re talking about all the tributes that were killed in the first film. Even though many of the tributes didn’t have that much screen time a lot of them have gone on to acting greatness. To see what Alexander Ludwig aka Cato and the rest of his tribute friends are up to now scroll through our gallery.

Amandla Stenberg

Can you believe Amandla has only been acting for four years? The 16-year-old actress began her career in 2011 and when The Hunger Games came out in 2012 she quickly won over fans as Rue. When the District 11 tribute died after being shot by Marvel with a spear, fans were heartbroken, luckily Amandla's career got way better than that after her on-screen death.

After her HG role she went on to do a few shorts before landing a role on Sleepy Hollow as a recurring character. In 2014 she voiced Bia in Rio 2 and she is now playing Halle Foster on Mr. Robinson, which is currently in its first season. Oh and when she's not acting she's going to school dances with Jaden Smith. No big deal.

Photo: Instagram (@amandlastenberg)

Alexander Ludwig

Not only is Cato super hot in the film, but the actor who plays him, Alexander, is even hotter. In case you forgot, Cato, who was one of the District 2 tributes and his death was definitely one of the worst in the film. He was not only shot in the arm, but he was then mauled, which was terrible. Katniss eventually shot him in the head to put him out of his misery, which was horrible!

In real life Alexander is kicking butt and taking names. He has been in numerous films including, Grown Ups 2 and The Final Girls. The Canadian actor is also currently one of the stars on Vikings, which he's been on since 2014. If that's not enough the blonde hottie is working on a new film set to be released in 2015.

Photo: Instagram (@alexanderludwig)

Leven Rambin

The Texas native has been keeping herself busy since she played Glimmer in Hunger Games. She was pretty badass as they District 1 tribute, even though she died at the hands of Tracker Jackers. After playing Glimmer, Leven has been on shows like The Tomorrow People and True Detective, which was her most-recent TV show appearance. She has also been in a TON of films. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, 7 Minutes and Two Night Stand were all films that the 25-year-old starred in. In addition to her past work, the blonde starlet has three new films in the works. Talk about a busy lady!

Photo: Instagram (@levenrambin)

Dayo Okeniyi

What is it with the death by mutts? Thresh, who was played by Dayo, was killed after dogs got him and it was totally tragic. He was the other District 11 tribute and Dayo was a great actor in the role. Since the film came out, the Nigeria native has been taking over Hollywood with great roles. He was in The Spectacular Now and Runner Runner. He was also in a LOT of other films before appearing on the new series Shades of Blue. Dayo plays Michael Loman in the crime drama, which has yet to grace our TV screens.

Photo: Instagram (@dayookeniyi)

Isabelle Fuhrman

Before her role as Clove in Hunger Games, Isabelle had gained fame for her role in Orphan, which was totally scary. After HG she became an even bigger star. After Clove was killed by Thresh at the Feast, Isabelle put her District 2 character behind her and voiced Shelley in A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise. She voiced a couple more movie characters before landing a recurring role on Masters of Sex in 2015. She is currently working on five different movies that will come out between 2015 and 2016.

Photo: Instagram (@isabellefur)

Jack Quaid

Jack's very first acting gig was playing Marvel in The Hunger Games and he was really good. After killing Rue, Marvel was shot in the heart by Katniss and it was very intense. After playing the District 1 tribute, Jack went on to become a regular actor with a lot more credits to his name. For starters he was in Just 45 Minutes from Broadway and Just Before I Go. He was also seen reprising his role in the form of a hallucination in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

When it comes to success, Jack's greatest triumphs have revolved around his TV career. He has been on Sasquatch Sketch Comedy since 2014 (on 73 episodes so far) and he began his newest role on Vinyl in 2015. The series has yet to air, but we're sure it will be awesome.

Photo: Instagram (@jack_quaid)

Jacqueline Emerson

Jacqueline was only on one TV episode of Father of the Pride before she played Fox Face, from District 5 in the YA movie. If you remember correctly, Fox Face died after eating nightlock berries, which was kind of tragic. Jacqueline's acting fate however isn't so grim. The 21-year-old actress has been in one short film in addition to The Last Survivors and The Curse of Downers Grove. She even voiced the character of Scout in the video game, Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Photo: Instagram (@jackie_emerson)

Ian Nelson

You might not remember Ian, but he played District 3's tribute boy in the film. He actually made it to 9th place, being killed by Cato when he lost his temper and snapped his neck. Even though Ian played a smaller character on the film his career has become pretty big over the past couple of years. After starring in two movies he landed a three-episode role on Teen Wolf and then went on to guest star on a few other shows including Criminal Minds. Movie wise, the 20-year-old actor starred in The Judge and The Boy Next Door. Not too shabby for a tribute with no name.

Photo: Twitter (@ianmnelson95)

Annie Thurman

The Tennessee native has made a name for herself in the TV world and it's very exciting. In The Hunger Games, Annie played District 9's tribute girl and although her role was small she killed it. Annie's character came in 18th place after dying only one minute into the games. Her death is unknown, but her next acting role was much more noticeable. The 19-year-old actress starred in Dark Skies and the TV movie, Santa Switch. She is now on the TNT show, Proof as Sophie Barliss, which is HUGE for her career.

Photo: Instagram (@anniethurman)

Mackenzie Lintz

Mackenzie is all about TV, but she did star in the HG as District 8's tribute girl. If you don't remember the unnamed character she was the tribute who died a mere eight hours into the 74th Hunger Games, presumably by being stabbed by Glimmer. Although she didn't have a huge role, she went on to be a fairly big TV actress within the last couple of years. The 18-year-old actress played Norrie Calvert-Hill on Under the Dome starting in 2013. She is now going to college at Auburn University, but with so much talent you'll see her again on TV or in a movie, trust us.

Photo: Instagram (@mackenzielintz)

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