Where Are They Now? The Cast of The Mortal Instruments

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We are still bummed that there aren’t any other Mortal Instruments films in the works! Luckily we can just stalk — um, we mean casually look at — the stars who were in the first film to make us feel better. Seriously, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was SO good and the books are ah-mazing. It brought us Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower (who may or may not be together anymore), so what’s not to love?

For all you Mortal Instruments fans there will be a new TV series starring Dominic Sherwood, that ABC Family is planning to air in 2016, so get pumped. Until then, take a look at what the movie cast is up to now below. Spoiler: Jamie isn’t just acting these days!

Lily Collins

After playing the leading lady in The Mortal Instruments, Lily has been very busy. The actress played Clary in the film and she was totally memorable. She went on to star in Love, Rosie in 2014 and she is currently working on an untitled project by Warren Beatty. When Lily isn't acting she usually makes an appearance at fashion week and is constantly traveling. She also began dating her co-star Jamie Campbell Bower in 2012, but they broke up in August 2013. Luckily the two are officially back together and fans couldn't be happier.

Photo: Instagram (@lilyjcollins)

Jamie Campbell Bower

Jamie is SUCH a hottie! The British actor is keeping himself busy when it comes to acting. His final Twilight film hit theaters in 2012, which is the same time that he began filming The Mortal Instruments where he played Jace. Jamie then went on to voice Skiff in Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure in 2015. When he’s not acting or going on dates with his adorable GF, Lily, he is touring with his band. Yep, you can hear the 26-year-old star play gigs with his band, Counterfeit all over the UK!

Photo: Twitter (@Jamiebower)

Robert Sheehan

The totally adorable actor who played Simon in the film might be the most accomplished actor coming out of the YA movie. He finished playing Darren on Love/Hate around the same time that Mortal Instruments was released and then went straight back to work, but this time in more movies. He was in Moonwalkers, The Messenger and The Road Within to name a few. If that isn't enough, the Irish actor is now working on four new projects!

Photo: Twitter (@RobMSheehan)

Jemima West

Jemima was working on Maison close for three years before she starred in The Mortal Instruments as Isabelle, who was a total badass. After the film wrapped the French actress focused on film for a little while. She starred in United Passions and Kidnapping Mr. Heineken before she headed back to TV in 2015. She is currently on the TV mini-series Indian Summers as Alice Whelan. Plus, she is now filming Endeavour which is a new series scheduled to be released in 2016.

Photo: Getty

Kevin Zegers

The Canadian cutie has had a very impressive career. After playing Alec in the movie adaption of The Mortal Instruments, Kevin was in another film before going back to TV for a year. He played Owen on the first season of Gracepoint in 2014. He then switched back to film staring in both The Curse of Downers Grove and Sleepwalker, which has yet to hit theaters. Kevin also became the father of twins since the film wrapped and his baby girls are SO cute.

Photo: Instagram (@kevinzegers1984)

Godfrey Gao

Godfrey was on two TV shows before landing the role of Magnus Bane in Mortal Instruments. Since playing that memorable character, he has been focusing on film roles and TV gigs. He is currently filming The Wedding Bible and working on two TV shows. He is rumored to be playing Eric on The Peach Blossom Neverland, which is currently in pre-production.

Photo: Visual/WENN

Lena Headey

This cast was seriously stacked with talented British actors and actresses and Lena is no different. She played Jocelyn in the film, which is pretty impressive since she was also filming her most iconic role as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones at the time. When she isn’t on set for the HBO series, which is still running, Lena manages to appear in movies as well. She has starred in 300: Rise of an Empire, Zipper and she's currently working on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Photo: Instagram (@iamlenaheadey)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

After playing Valentine in the film, the Irish native went into TV. He played Dracula on the short-lived series Dracula until 2014. Jonathan then switched back to film and has worked on movies like Stonewall, London Town and three more upcoming films. He is also working on a new mini-series called Roots where he'll play Tom Lea.

Photo: WENN

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