15 Hotties Who Made You Sweat Like Crazy Throughout 2015

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Rounding up a list of the sexiest celebrities of the year is never an easy task — remember how tough it was to narrow it down to only 14 last year? — but all of these guys are totally deserving of making the cut. Whether you’re into well-dressed womanizers heartthrobs, like Jamie Dornan, or the (former) boy next door with the bod that gets you weak in the knees, like Nick Jonas, there’s really a guy for everyone.

We’ll figure out a way to fit all of these hunks under our Christmas tree somehow. In the meantime, here are the hotties of 2015 we’ll probably still be obsessing over going into the new year:

Justin Bieber

Despite his minor meltdowns on stage, it's evident by his latest record, Purpose, that Justin's matured a lot since his bad boy days. (Turning 21 clearly changes a person.)

His position on this list needs no explanation, especially if you've been paying close attention to his Instagram this year — cue infamous buttstagram here, Beliebers. The Biebs' eye-candy appeal never seizes to keep us thirsting.

Photo: Def Jam Records

Zayn Malik

Zayn freaked the entire world out with his departure from One Direction this year, but it doesn't take away from the fact that he was still one of the hottest effing members of the group.

There's no debating his being on our list of hotties, and we can only hope that we'll get close enough to touch Zayn's (blond? Silver?) locks and sexy scruff one day. "Befour," anyone?

Photo: Fader

Nick Jonas

Nick's star status has clearly reached higher, and more shirtless 'levels' this year. He's been hosting and performing at, like, every single awards show, and it also doesn't hurt that we got to see more of that chiseled frame of his on screen, courtesy of Scream Queens and Kingdom.

Photo: Island Records

Joe Jonas

Although Joe hasn't had quite as much success with his post-Jonas Brothers career as his younger brother, Nick, DNCE is the hottest thing out right now.

...not to mention Joe has always had the dreamiest set of eyes and we'd love the chance to eat cake by the ocean with him!

Photo: Republic Records

Nat Wolff

Nat really had the cutesy, dorky vibe going for him in his role in Paper Towns this year. He seems really sweet, and he's the sort of adorable guy who would make the perfect first boyfriend, and someone Mom and Dad would totally approve of taking you to prom.

Photo: Fox 2000 Pictures

Chris Hemsworth

We have a deep-rooted lust for thunder gods like Chris, and his reprisal of Thor in Avengers: Age of Ultron certainly fixed us with more than enough man candy this year. Aside from his bulking biceps, the muscle hunk can make even the most banal activities look sexy. Like doing laundry for instance, which he's totally capable of accomplishing with those washboard abs of his.

Photo: Marvel Studios

Chris Pratt

Our hearts broke when Parks and Recreation concluded earlier this year, but America's favorite teddy bear quickly made up for his on-screen absence with Jurassic World over the summer.

All we really want for Christmas is a life-size Chris Pratt waiting for us underneath our Christmas tree, TBH.

Photo: Universal Studios


Drake has become one of the sexiest men this year, and every time he showcases his newly ripped bod on Instagram, we can't help but drool.

We're still obsessed with his daddy dance moves from "Hotline Bling," but the fact that his music and sex appeal is finally beginning to match his image is what we're feaning for.

Photo: Cash Money Records

Shawn Mendes

Shawn's music has been on everyone's playlist, including ours — we still can't get "Stitches" out of our heads (pun intended).

Even though he's only 17, it doesn't take away from his cute charm and the catchy tunes he gave us this year, including his powerhouse collab with Camila Cabello on "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Photo: Island/Republic Records

Jamie Dornan

It's hardly possible to forget about the man who made everyone sweat like crazy — even to somewhat inappropriate degrees — with his stint in Fifty Shades of Grey. We're eagerly awaiting more shirtless pictures from the sequel!

Photo: Universal Pictures

Michael B. Jordan

MBJ is easy on the eyes, but that body of his is anything but soft. Have you seen Creed?! The sweat on his chest is practically asking for a pat down and, not to sound gross or anything, but we'd totally wait in line for that if given the chance.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Miles Teller

Miles has come a long way since his Footloose days, having starred in not one, but TWO big films this year (Insurgent and Fantastic Four).

He's always been a hottie in his own right, but we absolutely love how he's been keeping himself up these days: body (check!), dapper style (check!) and those kissable lips (check, check!).

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

The Weeknd

If you can look past his hair and just listen to his sexy voice on songs like "Can’t Feel My Face" and "Earned It" all night long, then The Weeknd is pretty much the total package. Not only does his swag and style fit the bill, The Weeknd can probably teach us some new dance moves, too! Bella Hadid is a lucky girl.

Photo: Republic Records

Scott Eastwood

Scott has really been doing his thing this year, keeping our cowboy fantasies alive with his performance in The Longest Ride.

The swoon-worthy babe also snagged a coveted spot in Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" music video, and we still can't get over how many times she got to kiss and cuddle with him!

Photo: Fox 2000 Pictures

Richard Madden

Richard is just a beautiful creature to look at: luscious dark curls, piercing blue eyes and his royal charm is a major nod to his role in Cinderella.

Even though he's technically taken, that doesn't mean we're going to stop fantasizing about falling into the arms of Prince Charming before the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve.

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

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