10 Celebrity Clothing Lines That Failed So Hard It’s Embarrassing

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A clever celebrity endorsement can turn an everyday product into an international success. Think about Kylie Jenner‘s lip kit — it wasn’t released that long ago, but it’s already a major hit, all because Kylie’s a killer promoter. She’s constantly tweeting, Instagramming and Snapchatting all about the product line. Not to mention all the promo it gets on her app! Without Kylie, it would just be another makeup brand at Sephora; with her, it’s a worldwide craze. (BTW, even if you haven’t gotten your hands on her kit, you can still nail a Kylie-inspired lip. Just putting that out there.)

That all being said, not every celebrity endorsement is guaranteed gold. Tons of stars get behind products, promote like crazy and end up completely mortified when the products flop. Even more humiliating: when stars actually design the products that fail miserably. Some celebrity fashion lines are million-dollar industries — actually, Jessica Simpson‘s line is worth more than $1 billion! — but others are doomed to fail. We’ve rounded up ten celebrities who tried so hard to make their fashion lines work, but ultimately, everything crashed and burned. Take a look:

Miley Cyrus

During the height of her Hannah Montana years, the multi-talented star teamed up with famed designer Max Azria for a Walmart line. (Yes, Max Azria designs beautiful clothes for BCBG; no, the Walmart collection did not have any resemblance to BCBG.)

The line did pretty well for a few years, but things started to fall apart when toxic amounts of lead were found in the purses. And the necklaces. And the bracelets. Needless to say, it was a nightmare.

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OMG, fashion critics despised Bey's fashion line — and we don't blame them! The clothes looked a lot like Ed Hardy designs, with huge, obnoxious patterns and blaring neon colors. Major fashion reviewers called the line "painful to look at" and the "ugliest, cheapest-looking clothes I've ever seen." In other words: It didn't go well. The line is all but forgotten now.

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Lindsay Lohan

During one of her many attempts at a career revival, Lindsay attempted to launch a leggings line. Lace leggings, mesh leggings, zipper leggings... You get the idea. Unfortunately, she ran into some legal trouble with the licensing company, and the line quickly dissolved. Probably not the worst failure of Lindsay's life, but one on the long list, you know?

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Amanda Bynes

This is an older pic of Amanda because, as we all know, the girl's had some rough struggles over the past few years. But back in the mid-2000s, she was fun and fashionable! So it made total sense when she launched her own clothing line. But even so, the products didn't sell well, and then the real kicker: Her whole line was stocked in a store that went bankrupt. Well, at least the embarrassment's not totally on her.

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Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo has found major success in the fashion world. But several years ago, her line was a total don't. It was called Sweetface via Kohl's and people hated it. Like, really hated it. They thought it was overpriced and cheap-looking. Kohl's halted production in 2009 after awful sales.

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Lauren Conrad

LC currently has a gorgeous and very successful line for Kohl's — good for her! But before she hit it big there, she floundered in the fashion world. Her "Lauren Conrad Collection" debuted in 2008 — to awful reviews. Pro fashion critics said none of the clothes fit right on the runway, and once the line hit boutiques, customers called the clothes "unflattering" and "boring." The whole line was pulled from the racks within six months.

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Mandy Moore

Back in 2005, Mandy launched a line called Mblem and it actually had some cute stuff. She and many of her celebrity friends were spotted in the apparel. It didn't go over so well with actual customers, though, and shut down after just a few years. Sad face.

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Lil Wayne

This one's humiliating because there was so much buildup leading to absolutely nothing. For months, Weezy was hyping his upcoming clothing line, Foreign Money. But when it came time to actually debut, there was nothing there. Sucks.

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Avril Lavigne

This one's puzzling. Avril was never really known for having a great sense of fashion, and her line for Kohl's was unpopular with girls and parents alike: Everything was dark, almost sinister-looking and covered in skulls. It came to a much-needed end in 2008.

Photo: WENN

Katherine Heigl

Katherine was perhaps feeling a bit over-confident during her peak Grey's Anatomy success. Since she played a doctor on TV, she launched the Katherine Heigl Collection — a line of fashion-forward medical scrubs. Real-world doctors and nurses were clearly not on board, as the line was pulled after less than a month.

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