Even More Confirmation That a Big Time Rush Reunion is Happening!

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It’s happening, you guys. A Big Time Rush reunion is freakin’ happening! Okay…so mayyyyybe we don’t have all the details on the band reconvening for the first time in years, but after talking to Kendall Schmidt, we think it’s safe to say it’s definitely in the works.

As many of you Rushers remember, James Maslow confirmed that “there’s a possibility that [the group] might sing together again sometime in the future,” but it kinda seemed like wishful thinking. But after we hung out with the blond-haired cutie at his Ride of Fame induction ceremony last week, it seems that the gears are finally turning. In fact, Kendall recently met with both Logan Henderson and Carlos PenaVega to discuss “business.” Umm…ohhhkayy… What type of business could you mean, Ken?

To hear more about the 25-year-old singer’s plans for getting BTR back together, his music with Heffron Drive and more, check out our exclusive interview below!

How does it feel to be among people like Fifth Harmony, Carly Rae Jepsen and Whoopi Goldberg who were honored by Ride of Fame?

"To be in that company is amazing. If you're in entertainment, you come to New York. That being said, I've been here a lot and I love the place. I love the city. I actually stay in an apartment now. I take the subway. I'm a real New Yorker now!"

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We saw that you and Carlos PenaVega recently hung out...what did you guys do?!

"I had lunch at his hotel! There was a lot of things I wanted to talk to him about...some business things and of course we wanted to catch up because we're best friends."

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Is it ever awkward when you see the guys after not hanging with them for so long, or do you just pick back up where you left off?

"No, it's not. In fact, it was fantastic to see him. It felt just like old times, expect now we have more facial hair than we had before. But yeah Carlos is an incredible guy. He always wants to know what I'm up to and how I'm doing and he's always really proud of me. We all support each other. We knew coming into this that supporting each other on social networks was going to be a big deal. We even had conversations where we agreed that we'd always tweet each other's stuff and take care of each other, and we have to this day."

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You mentioned before that you and Carlos were talking about business, and you also recently said you and Logan Henderson hung out to discuss business. Anything you can tell us about what's going on?

"Fans are expecting Logan and I to work together because we're going to Italy to do some shows, but Big Time Rush has never broken up. We made it a point to do that. We didn't want to be the guys who were like, 'we're done!' We're a band. You'll always be a band if you really care about the guys and are willing to work together, so I don't see anything that would hold us back from working together again. Of course we talk about it and I think whenever it lines up with what everyone is doing, because we're all so busy, I don't see a reason why something special and fun wouldn't happen. And I think fans would be excited about it. I think they should keep their hopes up because we're not going to disappoint."

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People get scared about the word 'hiatus' because the track record for bands to come back from that in the past isn't that great.

"The thing is, we spent a lot of time and energy in Big Time Rush. We dedicated our whole lives to it. And I don't even think the people we worked with and for expected that to happen. We made the band. The band wouldn't be what it was without our dedication. It was OUR band and we take a lot of pride in it and we're going to make the most of it for sure."

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Obviously BTR is always in the back of your head, but what do you want to focus on most personally this year?

"I'm focusing on working on music and honing my production skills. I have the most professional studio you could ever ask for in my house. I invested in all the stuff. I wasn't the typical guy who went and bought a mansion; I bought musical gear and invested in myself. I'm honing that. I just wrote one of the best songs I've ever done with a female writer, so it's a girl singing. I don't know who it'd be for, but it's freaking amazing! I'm really proud of my self. And the Heffron Drive stuff is all coming up and music videos are coming within the next couple months."

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When you were writing that song did you have any female singers in mind?

"This one's tough. There's a line in the song that ruins it for some people, that would make it not possible for some people. There's a line that...it has to be kind of a quirky girl over the age of 21 probably. I actually just recently talked about Cher Lloyd. She'd be cool."

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What about the Little Mix girls? They're super talented but also fairly quirky.

"It's totally possible for it to be a group song! It could be group or single artist. [The Little Mix girls] would be cool."

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Now time for some random questions from fans! Which Harry Potter house would you be sorted into?

"It's so funny...Gryffindor, but I love snakes. That doesn't mean I'm an evil person, but I just really love snakes! I wish there was a real sorting hat. I think I did it when I went to universal in Florida and I think it said Gryffindor. I also got a wand. It was so cool."

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What's one thing you hope to do in 2016 that you didn't get to do in 2015?

"You know, the only videos we did for Happy Mistakes were acoustic. So dumb. If I could go back in time and change that, I would. I would do a proper video for 'Parallel' when it came out. 2016 is going to have full-on music videos. I'm really excited for that."

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What's a characteristic in people you cannot stand?

"I can't stand people who aren't considerate of others. It drives me nuts. We're all made of the same stuff and everyone needs to be nice to other people. We all have moments and I get that, but not being appreciative [is annoying]. There are a lot of spoiled, wealthy kids out there who didn't do anything for what they have; they're just the child of somebody. I just think they should think about how blessed they are and do other things to help other people who aren't as fortunate."

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