6 Celebs Who Left Their TV Show Soon After Breaking Up with Their Co-Star

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If you’re a masochist, here’s some helpful & friendly advice: date someone you work with, fall hard for each other, then break up and continue to see that person at work. Every day. It’s like the perfect form of torture! Don’t worry, celebrities do it all the time.

Time after time, actors have proven their professionalism, continuing to work with one another on their TV shows even after calling it quits in real life. And we thank them for it, ’cause it’s not the audience’s fault they decided to mix business with pleasure, you know? Granted, we’re sure some characters’ storylines switch up because of real-life relationship massacres — like, you KNOW Lucas & Brooke would not have ended the way they did on One Tree Hill if Chad Michael Murray didn’t cheat on Sophia Bush IRL, thus ending their short-term marriage — but we digress.

But not everyone can put on a brave face and carry on seeing their ex as if they’re not hurting, especially after their S.O. clearly moved on with someone else. Sometimes, they take themselves out of the game, leaving their television series, and their fans, behind:

Crystal Reed

After meeting on the set of Teen Wolf in 2011, Crystal began seeing recurring co-star Daniel Sharman in real life. And we're sure their off-screen chemistry is one of the main reasons why the show's creators decided to create that palpable sexual tension between their characters on the MTV show.

But in June 2013, after two years of dating, Daniel dumped Crystal, seemingly out of the blue. And, as awkward luck would have it, when the two were scheduled to begin filming together again four months post-split, she said, "We just started filming yesterday, and our very first scene was a makeout scene."

By season's end, guess what, her character was killed off! She claimed at the time, "I felt like, creatively, there were things I wanted to do differently, and I wanted to explore other avenues of film and TV." It just so happens that she felt this way a few months after she and her BF split.

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Daniel Sharman

In a shocking turn of events, Daniel decided not to return to Teen Wolf the same time his ex did. Showrunner Jeff Davis said of his departure, "He was at a position where he wanted to stretch his creative wings." So they both gave the same excuse reason for quitting. Interesting...

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Nina Dobrev

When The Vampire Diaries' leading lady began dating co-star Ian Somerhalder in real life, fans all over the world rejoiced. "Delena lives!" they collectively cheered.

So when the two broke up three years later in April 2013, those same fans worried about the fate of the couple on the show. All seemed well and good, though, for a while; the two proved to be professionals for a long time... until Nikki Reed came along.

In July 2014, Ian began dating Nikki, who was actually good friends with Nina prior. Six months later, news broke that the couple got engaged! That may've been the straw that broke the camel's back for Nina because, three months later, she told the world of her immediate departure from TVD.

While she said she always knew she "wanted Elena's story to be a six-season adventure," fans still remain skeptical; it just seems like a very big coincidence that she said goodbye to HER series the exact month her co-star ex got married.

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Torrey DeVitto

Though Torrey's character, Meredith Fell, didn't appear very often on The Vampire Diaries — her episode count clocks in at 12 — there's a very big reason why she'll, most likely, never return: Paul Wesley.

T & P began dating in April 2007, and were married four years later in the same month. By January 2012, her stint on his show began. Unfortunately, it was short-lived, as her last episode aired in February 2013, just a few months prior to the couple's separation announcement.

During the first episode of Season 6, which aired October 2014, it's revealed that Meredith got married to a pediatrician and is living in Alaska, so no need for her to return to Mystic Falls (and her real-life ex).

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Sebastian Stan

You can probably chock Sebastian's lack of return to Gossip Girl up to his storyline simply ending. He was only on the series for 11 episodes; maybe that was all that was necessary.

...or maybe it has more to do with his real-life split with one of the show's leading ladies, Leighton Meester. The two dated for nearly two years before entering splitsville in April 2010, which just so happened to be the same exact month of his very last episode.

Photo: WENN

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer and Jesse Spencer met on the set of their series, House M.D. in 2004, and began dating shortly after in July. By December 2006, they announced their engagement. Then, eight months later, in August 2007, rather than walk down the aisle, they called it quits.

Both continued to star on the series, maintaining a professional relationship, until it was announced in September 2009 that Jennifer Morrison's run as Dr. Allison Cameron would end mid-season. You could argue that two years was enough time for the two to get over each other. But why, then, did she leave only after they both started dating other people, hmm?

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