All the Actresses Who Almost Played Zac Efron’s Latest Movie Love Interest

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No matter what role Zac Efron takes on, you know it’s going to be hot AF. And while the actor has been a part of some steamy movies in the past, nothing can prepare us for his upcoming movie, Baywatch. A film focused mainly on super-sexy people running around on a beach covered in glistening body oil? Sign us the eff up.

A few months ago, it was announced that Alexandra Daddario was the lucky lady chosen to play Zac’s love interest in the movie version of the beloved television series. And while the pair will make a RIDICULOUSLY attractive on-screen couple, the 30-year-old actress had some stiff competition for landing the role. Nina Dobrev! Shelley Hennig! Ashley Benson! How the eff did casting directors choose?! To see which other beautiful women were in the running to play Summer Quinn in Baywatch, click through the gallery below!

Nina Dobrev

Before it was announced that Alexandra Daddario got the role of Summer, quite a few popular young actresses were on the shortlist of stars movie execs met with. According to Deadline, Nina was on the list. But this wasn't the first time the former Vampire Diaries star was considered for a super-sexy character; a few years ago, the brunette was also considered to play Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey!

Photo: Seventeen Magazine

Shelley Hennig

The chances of you ever seeing Shelley in a bathing suit on Teen Wolf are slim to none, but she's clearly not afraid to be filmed in one, 'cause Deadline reports she was also in the running to play Summer!

Photo: MTV

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson apparently loved living the bikini life in Spring Breakers so much that she wanted to be a part of another film where bathing suits ruled the show. The Pretty Little Liars actress was another one of the actresses Deadline announced Paramount met with regarding the role.

Photo: A24

Bianca A. Santos

You probably known Bianca from her roles on Happyland or The Fosters, or in The Duff, but you almost saw a whole new (and sexy) side to the 25-year-old actress. The brunette beauty was on the shortlist of stars considered to play the role Alexandra Daddario eventually landed, according to Deadline.

Photo: Maxim Magazine

Alexandra Shipp

Alexandra Shipp makes her X-Men series debut in the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse as Storm in a few months, but the 24 year old almost had another HUGE movie role to be excited about. The former House of Anubis actress was considered to play Summer, too, but it ultimately did not work out.

Photo: Instagram

Denyse Tontz

Although Denyse has recently been on a few episodes of The Fosters, her name is still most known for being one of Mark Salling's former girlfriends. And let's just say... that's not something you want. The 21-year-old actress made headlines for a different reason, thankfully, when she was named as one of the stars who was up to play Summer.

Photo: Instagram

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