13 Former TV Couples That Prove You Can Still Be Friends with Your Ex

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TV shows have given us some of the absolute WORST couples. Seriously, some of these pairs were straight up dysfunctional, while others didn’t make any sense AT ALL. The characters obviously weren’t compatible, and some seemed like a good fit… until you realized that the relationship was actually illegal to start with. (We’re looking at you, Aria and Ezra.)

And let’s not forget the couples that were really great together, but the show creators decided to toy with your feelings and break these OTPs up. Like, we still think that Scott and Allison should have ended up together on Teen Wolf. (No offense to Kira or Isaac, though.) Even though some favorite TV pairs split up, they still remained friends on their respective shows. From Stefan and Elena on The Vampire Diaries to Nate and Serena on Gossip Girl, click through the gallery below to see television twosomes that prove you actually CAN still be friends with your former flame:

Stefan Salvatore & Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

LBH, Stefan and Elena were absolutely adorbs as a couple. However, it was just inevitable that she'd leave him for Damon. Stefan was the epitome of a sweet BF, but Damon had that bad-boy image that Elena was drawn to. After dating for several seasons, Elena and Stefan called it quits. It's all good, though, because Stefan and Elena are proof that you can actually remain (good) friends with your ex. Sure, Elena ditched Stefan for his big bro, but Stefan didn't show any hostility. And he always made sure he had her back. What a gentleman.

Photo: The CW

Matt Donovan & Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

Before the Salvatore hotties arrived in Mystic Falls, Elena was dating Matt Donovan. Matt was a football player and Elena was a cheerleader, so it's stereotypical natural that they dated, right? Well, after Elena started dating Stefan, Matt felt a bit jealous (and rightly so) — but he eventually set his romantic feelings aside. Up until Elena's final appearance on the show, they remained close friends, and he continues to speak highly of her, even after her death.

Photo: The CW

Tyler Lockwood & Caroline Forbes, The Vampire Diaries

After Caroline and Matt's brief relationship, Mystic Falls' resident Queen Bee started dating Tyler Lockwood. Once Tyler started transitioning into a werewolf, Caroline stayed by his side. They were so cute together, and we're a bit disappointed that they eventually broke up (sorry, Steroline shippers). Despite their split (and the fact that Caroline slept with the guy who killed Tyler's mom), they have remained friendly exes.

Photo: The CW

Scott McCall & Allison Argent, Teen Wolf

LBH, no one ever got over Scott and Allison's breakup — or Allison's death on Season 3. Even though Scallison broke up and Allison started dating Isaac, the former couple stayed friends. Allison proved her loyalty to her Teen Wolf fam when she sacrificed her life to save theirs, and died in Scott's (a.k.a. her "first love's") arms.

Photo: MTV

Finn Hudson & Quinn Fabray, Glee

Finn and Quinn are another example of a typical high school power couple. A football player and a cheerleader — sound familiar? Finn and Quinn started dating before Glee even began, and they were each others' first BF/GF. Their relationship got complicated once Rachel entered the picture, and let's not forget Puck getting Quinn preggers. Once Finn found out that Puck was the father, he ended his relationship with Quinn. Despite calling it quits, the former couple remained relatively friendly, and sang with each other in New Directions for the following two years.

Photo: FOX

Sam Evans & Mercedes Jones, Glee

Sam and Mercedes are just one example of a rollercoaster-esque relationship seen on Glee. The pair broke up and got back together so many times that we can't keep track, TBH. By the end of Season 5, Sam and Mercedes finally gave up on their relationship. Sam's modeling career was taking off, and Mercedes was preparing for a tour, so the timing was totally off. It's all good, though, because they remained friends for the rest of the series.

Photo: FOX

Eddie Thomas & Raven Baxter, That's So Raven

Eddie and Raven were friends for years, so we weren't surprised when the pair decided to give dating a shot. On That's So Raven's final season, the two friends were matched via a dating service. Although their relationship only lasted for one episode, it still counts, right? They kissed and claimed to feel no spark, but we're not convinced. For the remainder of the show, they seemed to put their feelings aside and continue as friends.

Photo: Disney Channel

Nate Archibald & Serena van der Woodsen, Gossip Girl

Nate was Gossip Girl's resident player, dating tons of women over the course of the popular show. Nate and Serena were childhood friends, so we're not surprised that they eventually dated. Even though they broke up and Serena ended up with Dan, Nate stayed good friends with her, helping out with any shenanigans that came up.

Photo: The CW

Nate Archibald & Vanessa Abrams, Gossip Girl

Vanessa was one of many ladies who Nate dated. The pair had an unsteady relationship, consisting of several breakups and makeups. At one point, Nate broke up with Vanessa so he could date Blair, but they later rekindled their relationship after a trip to Europe. However, Nate and Vanessa agreed to stick to a platonic relationship, and they kept it that way 'til the end of the series.

Photo: The CW

Lucas Scott & Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill

Lucas, Brooke and Peyton were all part of One Tree Hill's most epic love triangle. Choosing Brooke over Peyton, Scott started dating the brunette beauty. Lucas later cheated on Brooke with Peyton, which ended their relationship (obvi). Brooke and Lucas tried to rekindle their relationship, but they didn't get very far. Lucas and Peyton were meant to be, and Brooke eventually realized that. Despite the trio's rough history, they all remained friends.

Photo: The CW

Nathan Scott & Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill

Nathan started dating Peyton during their early high school years, but their relationship was defined by constant bickering. LBH, Nathan never really liked Peyton all that much to begin with — he was just using her for sex. After Peyton realized this, she called it quits with the jock. The two remained friendly-ish following their final breakup, with Peyton acting as a bridesmaid in his second wedding to Haley.

Photo: The CW

Ryan York & Amber Holt, Parenthood

Amber first met Ryan during Season 4 of Parenthood. They began dating, but called it off once Ryan had to return to his military base. Once he returned to town, he proposed to Amber. Ryan ended the engagement, and the two parted ways. Even after Amber gave birth (and later got married to another guy), the two remained on friendly terms.

Photo: NBC

Joey Tribbiani & Rachel Greene, Friends

It's impossible to keep track of all the women Joe hooked up with on Friends, but Rachel was always an important person in his life. The long-time friends did try dating for a bit, but something about the relationship just wasn't clicking for them. They agreed to quit dating, and remained close friends throughout the show.

Photo: NBC

9 CW Couples That Broke Up But Still Worked Together

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