10 Upcoming Books You Know You’ll Love, ’cause They’re by Your Fave YouTubers!

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YouTube stars have been churning out books so fast, it’s almost been impossible to keep up with them all. From memoirs to irreverent how-to guides to comic books, YouTubers have left no stone unturned in the literary world. Book deals have basically become the equivalent of the cool kids’ table in high school — the ultimate sign that you’ve made it big on the video-sharing platform — so it makes sense that so many have jumped on the bandwagon.

It looks like 2016 will be no different, with a slew of new books from our favorite Internet-famous peeps tapped for release. This year, there seems to be a lot of biographies, with a lifestyle book sprinkled in here and there. And even though the thought of a bunch of twenty-somethings writing their autobiographies sounds a little silly — what are they even going to reminisce about? — you can’t help but respect their hustle. Here is the full list of all the books you know you’ll love, ’cause they’re penned by your fave YouTubers:

The Scrapbook of My Life by Alfie Deyes

Alfie is back at it again with a third book! It's hard for professional writers to get even one book published, so for Alfie to be on his third book, all we have to say is kudos! Titled The Scrapbook of my Life, Alfie's latest foray into writing is a mixture of a memoir and interactive scrapbook. A far cry from Pointless Book (1 AND 2), Alfie gives readers the chance to really get to know him before he became an Internet star, while allowing his fans to document their own experiences on the pages.

AVAILABLE: Fortunately, by the time you read this, the novel will probably be available. It's ready starting March 24!

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Generation Next by Oli White

With his debut novel, Oli decided to take a different approach than most of his peers. Instead of writing about how he acquired YouTube fame, Oli decided to write a fictional tale. Titled Generation Next, this book focuses on a guy who has to learn to adjust to the world of celebrity after he became Internet famous at 17. He also has to deal with feelings of unrequited love for his best friend. Basically, it's teen angst on Level 100.

Oli obviously drew inspiration from his own life, which is what legit storytellers do. So, more power to him!


Photo: Hodder & Stoughton

Caspar Lee by Caspar Lee('s Mom)

Caspar will also make his book debut in 2016 with a biography about his life. Even though he technically didn't write it — his mom, who's an established author did — at least he's forthcoming with this news, unlike some YouTubers. (Zoella, anyone?) The book is mainly about his formative years in South Africa.

He didn't leave all of the work to his mom, however. He does contribute to story with "scribbles in the margins" over facts that he feels his mom got wrong.


Photo: Grand Central Publishing

Tanya Bakes by Tanya Burr

Never has a title been so fitting than with Tanya's new book, Tanya Bakes. It just rolls off of your tongue, doesn't it?

After Love Tanya, the YT star's debut novel flew off of the shelves, her publishers decided to let her produce a cookbook and we're so happy that they did! It's filled with any yummy treat that you heart could possibly desire. We're talking cakes, custards and cheesecakes — just to name few.

AVAILABLE: June 2016

Photo: Penguin Books Ltd.

Follow Me by Ricky Dillon

Ricky's debut novel, Follow Me, will join the long list of memoirs by YouTubers. It will give readers a deeper look into the life of the popular influencer, as he branches out and builds his pop career. Ricky also breaks down his day-to-day activities and shares his tips for getting into tip-top shape.

AVAILABLE: June 2016

Photo: Keywords Press

It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson

Unlike all of the lying but well-meaning people who tell you that life gets better as you age, Shane is here to be the bearer of bad news: It gets worse. WAY worse. Serving as a followup to Shane's 2015 best-seller, I Hate My Selfie, It Gets Worse is another collection of ridiculously funny essays that give you a peek into a deeper — if not more cynical — side of Shane.

AVAILABLE: July 2016

Photo: Keywords Press

The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force

If you ever wanted to experience The Luxe Life no matter your price point, then Fleur de Force has got you covered! The Luxe Life is the ultimate lifestyle guide to give girls tips and tricks into making each day feel luxurious. FdF uses her expert knowledge of home decor, makeup and party hosting to cover every aspect of lavish living, so stock up when the time comes!

AVAILABLE: July 2016

Photo: Headline Publishing Group

On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

CHF's debut novel is sure to reduce you to a puddle of sap. Another rare fictional tale for YouTube stars, On the Other Side tells the story of a deceased elderly woman who must confront past demons before she can move on to heaven.

It goes like this: When a woman named Evie dies at the age of 82, she realizes that her soul isn't light enough to pass through to heaven. She then reverts back to her 27-year-old self so that she can reveal three key secrets that are holding her back from passing on. That's some heavy shiz.

AVAILABLE: July 2016

Photo: Little, Brown Book Group

Bloom by Estee Lalonde

Estee is releasing her first life-and-style book later this year. Described by the YouTuber as a scrapbook/diary, Bloom will give readers insight into Estee's life and how she makes everything looks so effortlessly fab Bloom will mainly focus on the vlogger's accounts of her life experiences and tips for fashion and home decor.

The best part: The book will be especially personal for her longtime fans, who were given the opportunity to send in their suggestions for topics!

AVAILABLE: September 2016

Photo: Estee Lalonde

Fun Science: A Guide to Life, the Universe and Why Science is So Awesome by Charlie McDonnell

Charlie really, really, really likes science —so much so, that he started a series called "Fun Science" on his YouTube channel. When that blew up in popularity, he started working on his debut novel, Fun Science: A Guide to Life, The Universe and Why Science is So Awesome.

In the book, Charlie combines traditional science with his own explanations, to make for easy-to-understand concepts. Unnecessarily long title aside, this book will be great for anyone who wants to learn more about the world around him/her or needs a bit of help in class.

AVAILABLE: October 2016

Photo: Charlie McDonnell

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