7 Celebrity Stunt Doubles Who Got Tragically Hurt on Movie Sets

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A film set is definitely NOT the safest place a person could be at. Particularly with action or adventure movies, the set can quickly become dangerous. If you think about it, there are plenty of things that could go wrong, even when careful planning is done. Unfortunately, actors sometimes find themselves battered and bruised (and then some) when they choose to perform their own stunts. Other times, injuries occur as the result of a freak accident.

For stars who prefer to not do their own stunts, or movie studios that wish not to be sued for on-set injuries, this is where stunt doubles come into the picture. Stunt men and women put their lives at risk whenever they attempt to execute a maneuver on-screen. If you think about it, they basically get paid to endanger themselves for the sake of a movie sequence. Although these people are trained professionals, accidents do sometimes occur. Click through the gallery below to check out several celeb stunt doubles that got seriously hurt while on set:

Chloe Grace Moretz's Kick-Ass 2 Stunt Double

While filming the 2013 action movie, Chloe Grace's stunt double cracked her head open after being thrown against a wall. "They used a hydraulic system and they did it too much and it just pulled her an inch too far and she cracked her head on a bar," Chloe said during an interview. Yikes! That's just horrific.

Photo: Universal Pictures

Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Stunt Double

Over the course of the HP films, there were plenty of special effects and stunts incorporated. While rehearsing for a flying scene, Daniel's stunt double, David Holmes, got a bit too close to a planned explosion, falling to the floor and breaking his neck. Since the accident, David has been paralyzed.

Photo: Warner Brothers

Vin Diesel's xXx Stunt Double

While filming a scene that involved parasailing, Vin's stunt double, Harry O'Connor, crashed into a bridge. Unfortunately, his injuries were so detrimental that he died shortly after the accident. To honor him, the filmmakers included his scene into the movie (minus his death).

Photo: Revolution Studios

Ed Helms' The Hangover: Part 2 Stunt Double

Sure, the Hangover movies were hysterical, but did you know that a person got severely injured on set? Ed Helms' stunt double, Scott McLean, ended up in critical condition while filming a scene in a speeding car.

In the scene, Scott was supposed to stick his head out of the window, as the car was moving. Unfortunately, the stunt went terribly wrong, and his head collided with another moving vehicle. The result was a gash on the right side of his head, plus skin torn from his skull. He was also put in a medically-induced coma and sued Warner Bros. for the stunt-gone-wrong.

Photo: Warner Brothers

Bruce Willis' Live Free or Die Hard Stunt Double

If you've seen this movie, then you know that a lot of stunts are involved in the production. While the stunts look great in the movie, things didn't always go smoothly behind the scenes. Bruce's stunt double, Larry Rippenkroeger, fell 25 feet from a fire escape and landed on the pavement. As you can probably imagine, Larry's injuries were serious. He suffered broken bones in his ribs and face, fractures in his wrists and a damaged lung.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Milla Jovovich's Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Stunt Double

The Resident Evil movies required plenty of stunts, but one stunt went terribly wrong last year. While shooting for the final movie in the franchise, Milla's stunt double, Olivia Jackson (who has also performed stunts for Star Wars), got so badly injured that she was put into a medically-induced coma.

While filming a high-speed motorcycle chase scene, Olivia smashed into a piece of camera equipment. Her injuries included several broken bones, brain swelling, torn fingers, and a paralyzed arm. As if that wasn't awful enough, she also had to get her arm amputated.

Photo: Constantin Films

Gemma Arterton's Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

While filming the 2013 flick, Gemma Arterton's stunt double suffered a serious injury after a stunt went wrong. During one scene, Gemma's character was supposed to get thrown through a wall and down several floors. As the stunt double got to work, a rusty nail actually got lodged in her head, right behind her ear. We're cringing just at the thought of this.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

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