7 Disney Channel Original Movie Hunks Who Were Hotter Than the Actual Lead

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All hail Disney Channel! The famous network has continually made epic Disney Channel Original Movies that you will never get too old for. Okay, you might outgrow a few DCOMs, but for the most part you’ll forever love these awesome TV movies.

There are DCOMs for every holiday, TV spinoff movies (like the amazing Even Stevens Movie) and, most importantly, there are HUGE teen TV stars who you might’ve forgotten appeared in these films. The thing we can’t get over is all of the hot guys that seem to be in DCOMs. Seriously, there is SO much hotness and not just from the lead hunks. In fact, we’ve found a bunch of flicks in which there are very sexy men who are — dare we say it? — cuter than the movie’s lead:

Steven R. McQueen, Minutemen

Minutemen was all about three teenage time travelers — one being Jason Dolley, who played Virgil Fox — but they were NOT the eye candy we all focused on.

It was actually the school's jock (who was a bully at times, but still), Derek Beaugard, that was clearly the hottest in the film. Steven played Derek and was SO dreamy. Plus, he went on to be an even sexier guy on The Vampire Diaries, so bonus points to him.

Photo: Disney Channel

Jared Padalecki, A Ring of Endless Light

The 2002 film was full of stars you probably forgot about. In addition to the lead girl, Vicky Austin, played by Mischa Barton, there was a pretty cute lead guy named Adam Eddington, played by Ryan Merriman. Yes, Ryan is a total hottie and he was on Pretty Little Liars, so how could there be a cuter guy? Even though it sounds hard, it was really easy, since Jared played the other guy in the film, Zachery Gray. The Gilmore Girls and Supernatural hunk is ridiculously hot and wins this one.

Photo: Disney Channel

Beau Mirchoff, The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

Alright, hear us out on this one. The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex was full of a lot of pretty people and hot characters, but Beau was easily the cutest supporting actor, playing Dominic in the DCOM. Yes, both of the Russo men are super good looking, especially Max (played by Jake T. Austin), but Dominic was hotter. Plain and simple.

He was a villain, who had a bad boy vibe and looked good in a wizard robe. Mason Greyback (played by Gregg Sulkin), who was a recurring character, was also surpassed by Dominic, who was dark, mysterious and just sexy.

Photo: Disney Channel

Lee Thompson Young, Johnny Tsunami

OMG, do you remember Johnny Tsunami? The 1999 DCOM was all about a surfer having to learn how to snowboard and it was ah-mazing. Sure, Johnny Kapahala (played by Brandon Baker) was cute, but it was his new BFF, Sam Sterling, played by Lee, that was the real hottie in the movie. Sam was athletic, funny and wore a crazy hat on the slopes, making him even cuter than the Hawaiian surfer.

Photo: Disney Channel

Jordan Nichols, Geek Charming

Yes, Josh Rosen (played by Matt Prokop) was adorable and you were rooting for him to get the girl (before you knew anything about his real-life problems), but he wasn't the only attractive guy in Geek Charming. When it comes to stereotypical good looks, Asher, played by Jordan Nichols, takes the cake. He was blond, beautiful and really built. Even with that stupid haircut, he was more attractive. Plus, he could really rock a bro tank.

Photo: Disney Channel

Josh Keaton, The Even Stevens Movie

The Even Stevens Movie is a classic when it comes to DCOMs and it's partially because of the ridiculous storyline. Even though we loved seeing the Stevens family deserted on a random island, it was pretty weird. That being said, there was a silver lining… Mootai! Yep, Jason played the islander, who Ren (played by Christy Carlson Romano) fell in love with in the movie.

He was SO much cuter than both Donnie and Louis, who were the only other real contenders for hotness in this film. Louis, was goofy cute, we will give him that, but it's the grownup Shia LaBeouf that is the hot (albeit, weird AF) one, not his younger Disney self. Sorry.

Photo: Disney Channel

Finn Wittrock, Halloweentown High

There might be a lot of men in Halloweentown High, but the cutest guy was easily Cody, played by Finn. The 2004 film featured Dylan Piper (who was in all of the films) as the lead guy, and Marnie's little brother, but he just wasn't that cute. Lucas Grabeel was also in this movie as Ethan the Warlock, but he just wasn't as good looking as Finn's character Cody. Cody was Marnie's love interest in the film and actually a really good guy, even though he seemed shady in parts of the movie.

Photo: Disney Channel

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