Dylan O’Brien’s Recovery Isn’t Going As Well As His Castmates Claimed

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The news keeps getting worse for fans of Dylan O’Brien and The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Back in March, it was reported that the 24-year-old actor got severely injured while filming the third installment of the franchise. When the news first broke, fans were immediately sent into a frenzy (and rightly so) — especially since reports stated that a film stunt involving a moving vehicle went terribly wrong, and Dylan was run over by a car. “Yikes” would definitely be an understatement in this case.

The accident left the Teen Wolf star with a series of seemingly serious ailments, and it seemed like the accident was super terrifying and damaging. Dylan’s injuries ranged from “multiple broken bones” to a “concussion, facial fracture and lacerations.” Shortly afterwards, though, the series’ director, Wes Ball, and the author of TMR, James Dashner, took to Twitter to update fans, and assured them that Dylan’s injuries basically weren’t as bad as everyone thought. “It’s scary seeing your friend get hurt, but fortunately, Dylan is going to be just fine. After a few weeks of rest and recovery he will be back up and running to finish our adventure together,” Wes tweeted. Adding to Wes’ sentiments, James tweeted the following:

Even Dylan’s co-star, Giancarlo Esposito, tried to reassure fans that the main star was actually recovering decently. “He’s healing very well. He got put together a couple of weeks ago… He’s one tough cookie,” Giancarlo said. He also added, “I would imagine many who witnessed thought that was it…[But] he’s a survivor. The one good thing about Dylan that I think is going to help him get back on schedule with us very soon is he has a great attitude.” According to Giancarlo, production was supposed to continue on May 15.

Despite the positive comments from the cast and crew, it doesn’t look like Dylan’s recovery is going as smoothly and quickly as previously anticipated. Production for the YA flick was supposed to resume in May, but the latest update from Fox proves that this is so NOT the case.

“The resumption of principal photography on Maze Runner: The Death Cure has been further delayed to allow Dylan O’Brien more time to fully recover from his injuries. We wish Dylan a speedy recovery and look forward to restarting production as soon as possible,” the studio said. “His injuries are very serious, and he needs more time to recover,” Dylan’s publicist added.

The Death Cure was originally scheduled to hit the big screen on February 17, 2017, but it’s likely that the release date will be pushed back even further to accommodate the leading man.

This isn’t the first time a movie has been delayed because of an actor’s set injuries. These movies also shared the same setback:

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Fan totally freaked out (and rightfully so) when news broke that leading man Dylan O'Brien got run over by a car while filming a scene. As a result, Dylan had to undergo surgery for his broken bones, and production for the flick had to be shut down. According to director Wes Ball and author James Dashner, Dylan is going to be alright and filming will resume once he's fully recovered.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Iron Man 3

Looks like playing a superhero comes with a price. While performing a stunt for the third installment of the Iron Man franchise, Robert Downey, Jr. injured his ankle. Because of this, filming was delayed for approximately a month and a half while the actor recovered.

Photo: Marvel Studios

Thor: The Dark World

If there's anything we've learned, it's that Marvel movies take a physical toll on its actors. While filming the second Thor film, actress Jaimie Alexander suffered an injury that took approximately a month to recover from.

While on set, Jaimie slipped on a metal staircase, which led to some nasty results. "I herniated a disk in my Thoracic spine, I dislocated my left shoulder, I tore my right Rhomboid, and chipped eleven of my vertebrae," she said during an interview. Yikes! Jaimie proved to be a trooper, attending daily physical rehab sessions before reprising her role as Sif.

Photo: Marvel Studios

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In 2014, Star Wars filming took a turn for the worse after one of the film's biggest stars, Harrison Ford, broke his leg. While filming, the hydraulic metal door belonging to the Millennium Falcon fell on the actor's left leg. In order for Harrison's injury to heal, production was halted for several weeks. Despite recovering from a broken leg, Harrison managed to return to the set and film physically demanding action sequences.

Photo: Lucasfilm

In Time

Nowadays, Justin Timberlake focuses on his role as a husband and father, but a few years ago, his acting and singing careers were in full swing. While filming a fight stunt for the 2011 flick, JT suffered a calf injury. "It felt like someone shot me in the leg," he said during an interview. After experiencing immediate pain from the calf muscle injury, production temporarily shut down while Justin recovered.

Photo: Regency Enterprises

Aeon Flux

While shooting the action movie, Charlize Theron suffered an extremely cringe-worthy injury. Amidst performing a stunt, Charlize attempted a backflip, which resulted in several injuries after she landed on her neck. The actress ended up with a herniated spinal disk and damage to her spine. For over a month, production was shut down as Charlize recovered.

"That injury scared me — I was almost paralyzed," Charlize said during an interview. Despite this injury, Charlize hasn't shied away from risky, stunt-filled movies. If anything, the actress is probably more selective about which stunts (if any) she chooses to perform.

Photo: Paramount Pictures


Halle Berry has a long, unfortunate history of getting injured on film sets. While filming the 2003 thriller movie titled Gothika, a scene between Halle and her co-star, RDJ, got a little too intense. During a scene where she tried to resist Robert, Halle broke her ulna (which is a bone that's part of the forearm). Three weeks later, Halle returned to set, wearing a cast for the remainder of her scenes.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Cast Away

Tom Hanks' 2000 role as Chuck Noland was physically taxing for the seasoned actor. Aside from gaining and losing weight at different time periods (in order to properly fit the character), Tom suffered an injury that turned out to be life-threatening.

While filming, he cut his leg, which led to major swelling. Noticing that the situation was getting serious, Tom went to a hospital and discovered that he had a staph infection. To treat the infection, Tom was hospitalized and production temporarily stopped. "We had to shut down production for three weeks because the doctors said. 'No way is this kid getting in the water,'" Tom explained during an interview.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

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