8 Vampire Diaries Cast Scandals That Sucked the Life Out of Everyone

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The Vampire Diaries is one of the most scandalous teen shows on television. Before the TV series’ main characters even graduated high school — how they managed to do that without even attending classes is beyond us, but sure — they were partying with alcohol and drugs, engaging in sexual activities and, you know, killing innocent citizens. Like we said, SCAN-DUH-LUSS.

And, clearly, the cast has taken a cue from the CW fantasy drama. Though drugs and murder haven’t played part in any of the members’ real lives (as far as the public knows), other controversial moments, like nudity and attempting to poison the President of the United States, have. Because obviously. For all of the juicy details, you know what you need to do:

Nina Dobrev

On August 22, 2009 — just a few weeks before The Vampire Diaries premiered for the first time — the new series' leading lady was arrested in Georgia, where TVD's filmed, for disorderly conduct.

Cops said they received 911 calls from multiple people, claiming she was hanging over a bridge, "flashing motorists." Dayum, Elena!

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Ian Somerhalder

Ian's name made tabloid headlines for allegedly cheating on longtime girlfriend Nina Dobrev with TVD costar Malese Jow, and then again with now-wife Nikki Reed. However, those aren't the most shocking controversies involving the heartthrob.

In 2014, surprising allegations were made against the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. A report claims that, "although the ISF received a staggering $400,072 in 2012, it only gave out one solitary grant to Best Friends Animal Society and Wildlife Rehab for a pitiful $550." Basically, the outlet was implying that Ian was committing fraud, pocketing the money donated to his charity. Other sites went on to dispute the claims, though, so phew.

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Candice Accola

On the same day Nina was arrested for disorderly conduct, the young lady who brought Caroline Forbes to life on the small screen was taken into custody, too... for the same crime.

The two were a part of a group of females involved in a supposed photo shoot with Tyler Shields when things got out of hand. They were released soon after their booking.

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Zach Roerig

No, not Matt Donovan!

In 2013, Zach was embroiled in a custody battle over a daughter the public didn't even know about — and she was 2 years old at the time!

According to TMZ, the TVD actor wished to be granted sole custody of the child because "[baby mama] Alanna [Turner] has been arrested at least three times and is actually incarcerated right now after she pled guilty in federal court to 'various crimes'..."

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Kayla Ewell

Nina and Candice weren't the only TVD beauties involved in the scandalous flashing — Vicki Donovan herself got in on the action as well.

Supposedly, photographer Tyler Shields paid for the $4,000 fine; everyone else scraped by with a slap on the wrist.

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Sara Canning

Rounding out the TVD ~flash mob~ is good ol' Jenna. ("Good" is a loose term, though.)

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Robert Ri'chard

Robert appeared three times on the series in 2012, long before raunchy photos of him hit the Internet early this year.

Similarly to those infamous naked snapshots of Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Rihanna, etc., Robert's private, *FULL-FRONTAL* pictures were leaked. The culprit's name was not divulged.

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Shannon Guess

And now, for the big one:

While we're sure you don't remember Shannon's face on the show, as she only had a minor role, you might remember hearing about her actions against the Mayor of New York & the President of the United States.

In 2013, while going through a nasty divorce, the actress sent multiple ricin-laced letters out, including one to Michael Bloomberg and another to Barack Obama, and then claimed her soon-to-be ex-husband did it!

She's currently serving an 18-year sentence for sending the toxins.

Photo: Texas State Prison

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