9 Times the 5 Seconds of Summer Boys Got Fully Naked & Posted the Pics Online!

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Even though Calum Hood was pretty upset when his nude Snapchats leaked for millions to see, he took the privacy violation in stride. We’re not sure if his jokes following the leak were simply for show, or if the 20-year-old was really that comfortable being naked that he wasn’t super affected. We’re leaning toward the latter, simply because the bassist’s bandmates all confirm that he LOVES being sans clothing, and somehow always seems to a bit of skin exposed, even on social media.

But while Cal is arguably the 5SOS guy who’s most comfy in his birthday suit, if you’re even slightly familiar with the 5 Seconds of Summer boys you know they all love being naked. Not gonna lie, we’ve seen Calum, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford‘s butts SO MUCH since we joined the #5SOSFam that we honestly think we know what theirs look like even more than our own. Now that’s dedication. We can’t even begin to imagine what goes on behind closed doors, but we do know what they post on the Internet. Here are the Aussie cuties’ most naked moments of all time, straight from their very own social media pages!

When Michael did his best vocal work without clothing

Even though 5 Seconds of Summer fans were THRILLED to see the boys post this pic on their Facebook page, Calum (jokingly) said it was the one that "nearly destroyed [their] careers." You see, Michael was recording "The Only Reason" and "didn't know [Calum] was going to take a photo" or post it online. Apparently, FB is way more strict with their nudity policy than Twitter, because the boys' page was deleted shortly after it was uploaded. Yikes. Thankfully, they got their page back and everything worked out just fine.

Photo: Facebook

When Luke Hemmings made this ~cheeky~ shot his Twitter profile picture

5SOS fans were in for a surprise when they realized Luke changed his Twitter prof pic to this NSFW photo back in 2014. But even though the blond quickly changed his icon to something much more appropriate, fans got the screenshots to make this bad boy live on forever.

Photo: Twitter (@luke5sos)

When Calum Hood was caught off guard

If anyone is going to spontaneously pull off his pants and show off his butt cheeks, chances are it's going to be the 5SOS bassist. But while Calum is usually quick to get naked, he clearly wasn't expecting one of his bandmates to pull out his phone at the moment this photo was taken; check out that look of confusion!

Photo: Instagram (@5sos)

When the bassist wore his hat on a place other than his head

We're not sure what's more hilarious — the fact that Ashton nonchalantly caption this pic "funny hat day," or the fact that Calum has never looked happier to be in this EXTREMELY risque pose for millions to see.

Photo: Instagram (@ashtonirwin)

When Michael revealed what FaceTiming with Luke actually looks like

As an early Christmas present to the entire universe, Michael decided to share this screenshot of a FaceTime chat he had with his bandmate. "I still can't get girls I went to high school with to talk to me... so here's lukes butt," he wrote along with photo. OH OKAY, MUKE. WE SEE HOW IT IS.

Photo: Twitter (@michael5sos)

When Luke and Calum went on a nice evening stroll

While 5SOS fans were VERY happy to see Cake taking a ~cheeky~ walk arm in arm, apparently Michael wasn't as thrilled. "Can't even walk down a street normally with them," he captioned this picture on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram (@michaelclifford)

When Calum just wanted some breakfast

According to his bandmates, the brunette babe is basically "always naked," so it's not that surprising that Luke came downstairs one morning to find him casually making a meal completely nude. Well, we guess he's not technically totally naked; he IS wearing a beanie, after all... Wouldn't want your head to get cold, would we, Cal?

Photo: Instagram (@5sos)

When someone stole the singer's towel

Poor Luke Hemmings — all he was trying to do was take a nice shower, but it seems that someone took his towel and all that he had to cover himself was a t-shirt. Classic prank, boys.

Photo: Twitter

When Calum didn't need pants to play his bass

What happens when 5 Seconds of Summer band rehearsal stars "getting boring?" Calum gets naked, of course!

Photo: Twitter (@luke5sos)

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