6 Pairs of Bandmates Who Did the Unthinkable and Dated the Same Girl!

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All 5 Seconds of Summer fans know that while Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings are super close now (#MUKERISE), they used to hate each other back in the day. While we’re not exactly sure why the two Australians weren’t too keen to be pals before 5SOS was even a thought, we thiiiiink it could’ve had something to do with the fact that the boys both dated the same girl. YIKES; nothing like some friendly relationship competition to start a war.

But Muke wasn’t the first, and definitely won’t be the last pair of bandmates to romance the same woman. In fact, even some of the closest musical duos have broken the friendship (and sometimes sibling) code to date one person. Hey — as Selena Gomez would say, the heart wants what it wants.

Luke Hemmings & Michael Clifford

During one of their Twitcam chats back in 2013, Ashton Irwin asked his bandmates to clarify if they ever dated the same girl back when they were in school together. Luke confirmed the drummer's suspicions, but Michael was a bit more hesitant. "We didn't date the same person..." he said, seemingly implying that the two boys both had some sort of a thing with someone in their younger years.

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Zayn Malik & Liam Payne

The One Direction (and former 1D) boys' relationship histories are so confusing, it's hard to keep up. The story of Zayn & Liam's rumored shared love goes like this — The "Pillowtalk" singer was apparently hooking up with fellow X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd while they lived in the same house together back in 2010. Although this was never officially confirmed, multiple sources reported news of the romance.

But according to The Sun, Zayn wasn't the first 1D guy to steal the heart of the 22-year-old; Liam allegedly hooked up with Cher during The X-Factor's Boot Camp!

"They just clicked," another contestant said. "We thought they were pals as they were getting on like a house on fire. They soon disappeared though, and slipped into one of the rooms." WOWZA!

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Joe Jonas & Nick Jonas

As brothers and former bandmates, Joe and Nick Jonas shared a lot of things — including an ex-girlfriend. The "Cake By The Ocean" singer famously dated Gigi Hadid for a few months after being friends for-eh-ver, but it was actually his younger bro who romanced her first.

The "Chainsaw" crooner was linked to the model back in late 2012 when Joe was still in a relationship was Blanda Eggenschwiler — the two couples were even seen on a few double dates together!

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The Vamps

Although Brad Simpson and Lauren Jauregui never actually confirmed their relationship, everyone knew they dated. So, when the group was being interviewed by an Australian radio station and the British cutie got asked about the not-so-subtle relationship, his bandmates jumped in. "We've all had a bit of a go," James McVey said. Tristan Evans then followed up,"I was April to December."

The boys' slut-shaming comments were completely uncalled for, especially if the Fifth Harmony girl really did date more than one of 'em. But James later clarified that he meant no harm by his comment and really meant that they "all 'had a go' at flirting."

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George Shelley & Josh Cuthbert

Although George Shelley is no longer a part of Union J, he was when both he and bandmate Josh Cuthbert decided to date Ella Henderson. The 22-year-old dated the "Ghost" singer for just three months before the 23-year-old swept her off her feet. Although things between the British beauty and new solo act didn't work out, she and Josh have been together ever since.

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Jack Barakat & Alex Gaskarth

Even though Alex has technically been with his now-wife since 2004, the couple had its share of ups and downs. During one of their "off" times," the All Time Low singer was rumored to be dating tour mate Taylor Jardine of We Are the In Crowd. After Alex ditched Tay to get back together with his high school sweetheart, another ATL guy — Jack Barakat — swooped in an apparently romanced her, too.

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