Congratulations, One of Your Favorite Maze Runner Stars is Having a Baby!

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Finally, some GOOD news in the world of The Maze Runner! While you’ve been not so patiently awaiting more details on Dylan O’Brien‘s condition post-accident — you know, the one that caused production on the third and final film in the franchise to be pushed nearly an entire year — another star from the series spread a little joy: Kaya Scodelario is pregnant!

The 24-year-old Skins alum and 33-year-old actor Benjamin Walker got married earlier this year, much to the surprise of fans everywhere. Like, it took ~3 weeks before anyone even knew they walked down the aisle! Now, they’re already bracing for parenthood. Kaya posted the following photo on Instagram, along with the caption, “I love you @findthewalker I love our little family” with the emojis for a man and a woman holding hands, a baby and a dog:

Hmm, we wonder if this will halt production any more than it’s already been halted. After all, Dyl’s injuries will get smaller, but Kaya’s bump will only get bigger. Whatever the case, CONGRATS!

Want more Maze Runner goodies? Here’s how the cast would fight zombies IRL:

Dylan O'Brien

"Plunger. It's just so easy! A toothbrush would be crazy, too, because they wouldn't see it coming. You could be like, 'Oh, here's my plunger — AHH toothbrush!!'"


Kaya Scodelario

"A bar of soap. I feel maybe they'd be allergic to it because they don't wash. And I could rub it in their eyes. And I could use it to make the floor slippery and make them fall over."


Thomas Brodie Sangster

"I'd remove the blades from my razor and attach them to my toothbrush. Well, a bit like a prison shank. "


Katherine McNamara

"Hairspray. You gotta get the hairspray and blind them. You get matches and hairspray and they're dead."


Ki Hong Lee

"I would take the shower tray you put the soap on, break that apart and have Wolverine claws with the metal."


Jacon Lofland

"Oh, wow! I don't know. I really don't. I guess a plunger?


Dexter Darden

"Probably my loofah. Why? Don't know. I just thought...I scrub in all kinds of areas, so...I'd scrub a crank to death. Or a blow dryer. Blow dry him right to the face."


Alex Flores

"I guess a toothbrush. No, a plunger; it keeps them at bay."

Photo: Fox

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