Weeks After a 5SOS Guy Reveals He’s Single, Another One Has a New Girlfriend

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Calum Hood has sparked quite a few dating rumors ever since 5 Seconds of Summer blew up a few years ago, but let’s be honest for a second — the chances that any of those “girlfriends” were more than just quick flings are pretty darn slim. So, even though the 20-year-old is constantly romantically paired with the ladies he’s seen with, no one really takes the “relationships” too seriously. Until now.

The bassist has been linked to Hey Violet drummer Nia Lovelis for a few months now, but there was never any real proof that they were anything more than just friends. But it seems that the Australian cutie and his Sounds Live Feel Live actually are trying the whole couple thing, ’cause they were seen looking super cozy in NYC together over the weekend, and even appeared to be holding hands.

Seems pretty coupley if you ask us, and fans seem to agree.

The “news” of Cal and Nia’s new romance comes just a few weeks after bandmate Ashton Irwin confirmed he and on-again-off-again girlfriend Bryana Holly are no longer a thing.


You can add Nia to the list of girls Calum has “dated:”

Maddy Harris

Calum and Maddy dated for about three months before deciding to go their separate ways. It seems like things ended on a civil note for the two because Maddy still tbt's to pics from their relationship with captions like, "Once upon a time..."

Photo: Twitter (@maddyjharris)

Eki Brown

Two years ago, there were tons of rumors going around that Eki and Calum were a thing. These talks were shut down by Eki herself, assuring fans via Instagram that they are solely friends.

Photo: Instagram (@eki.brown)

Caitlin Davis

Caitlin supposedly had a fling with Calum way back when. Though there isn't too much proof surrounding it, the hate messages Caitlin still receives from the 5SOS army do all the talking.

Photo: Twitter (@ccaitlindavis)

Lucy Kaufmann

Fans called out Calum for liking Lucy's selfies on the reg. Lucy and Calum also took part in so much Twitter banter in 2013 that we all had to assume they were an item, especially since their convos got way too flirty. We don't know for sure what happened to these two, but we can assume that their "love" affair is a thing of the past.

Photo: Twitter

Samantha Alaimo

Samantha was a 5 Seconds of Summer groupie who apparently got to know Calum on a more personal level, if you get our gist. A year ago she posted this picture and gave Calum a birthday shutout, but it since seems like things fizzled down for the two.

Photo: Twitter (@samantha_alaimo)

Kendall Jenner

Everyone's world was rocked when a selfie of Kendall hanging with 5SOS boys surfaced last year. Initially rumors that she was cozying up with Ashton were everywhere, however, some started to speculate that an entirely different romance was heating up between Kendall and Calum.

Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner)

Stella Hudgens

That's right, Vanessa Hudgens' little sis is said to have had a fling with the boyband-er. We can confirm that the teens were indeed friends, thanks to their many Twitter convos, but as for lovers, we're not so sure.

Photo: Twitter (@stellahudgens)

Jennifer Phipps

Jenn basically confirmed the new-found relationship over her Instagram using captions like, "...he’s got some new girlfriend #doescare #whoishe #drunkafrightnow." Calum does a good job of keeping his personal life private, so we haven't seen any pics of this rumored girlfriend in any of his uploads. In a recent interview, Michael stated that, "we are all (single) I believe." Hmmm, that doesn't sound too convincing.

Photo: Instagram (@jennphipps)

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