The Top 10 Most Heartbreaking Times Your Fave TVD Characters Lost a Parent

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It’s a general rule of thumb that parents are the ones responsible for protecting their children. And, with all of the crazy stuff happening in society today, this is a challenging task. But, throw in some vampires, ghosts, witches, and werewolves, it becomes nearly impossible!

The Vampire Diaries‘ town of Mystic Falls has a very long history, both of vampires, and of humans who attempt to protect the town against them. But, protecting the entire town, your family, and yourself is a tall order — not everyone succeeds. Sadly, something’s gotta give. Take a look to see the 10 most heartbreaking times your favorite TVD character lost their mom, dad or both:

When Elena & Jeremy's parents died in a car crash.

Everyone knows that when you reach a certain age, hanging out with your parents just isn't cool. So, we totally understand why Elena ditched 'Family Night' to go hang out with some friends at a party. Fortunately, her parents didn't hold it against her — they even went to pick her up when the party became too much for her to handle.

As the three were driving home, the car went over the bridge and into the water! Having run into Elena earlier in the night, Stefan was lurking nearby and saw the whole thing. He heroically jumped in to save the family. Still conscious, Elena's father insisted that Stefan save his daughter first. When Stefan agreed and then went back to the sinking car moments later, it was too late. Elena's parents had succumb to the water, leaving her and her younger brother, Jeremy, in the care of their Aunt Jenna.

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When Bonnie's dad was killed by Silas.

Sometimes, being brave has consequences. Take Rudy Hopkins for example. Rudy took on the challenging duty of being Mayor of Mystic Falls. Trying to protect a town when it's full of vampires is hard, especially while you're trying to balance that with raising your teenage daughter. Rudy, Bonnie's dad, was performing another one of his mayoral duties — speaking at the 'End of Summer' party — when he was brutally killed in front of everyone. Silas, disguised as Stefan, kills Rudy in an attempt to get people to help him find Katherine. Poor Bonnie, who was deceased herself and in a ghost state, was forced to look on helplessly.

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When Caroline's mom passed away from cancer.

Liz Forbes' death is one of the sadder ones of the series. She was a great mom to Caroline, and protected Mystic Falls with her position as Sheriff. She is one of the few characters that was never murdered, resurrected or even turned into another creature. So, how awful is it that cancer is what gets her? Even in a town as supernatural as Mystic Falls, there are still very human ways to die. It may be easy to forget that… but we'll never forget Sheriff Forbes.

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When Caroline's dad was murdered... by her future baby daddy!

Being a member of the Town Council is basically a death sentence. Although these great men and women strove to protect the townspeople of Mystic Falls, they were somehow never able to protect themselves. Caroline's dad, Bill Forbes, is one of these people.

While possessed by 'The Darkness,' his evil alter ego, Alaric stabs Caroline's father. Having been cut during the scuffle, Bill begins to turn into a vampire, the creature he loathes most in the world. With his family by his side, he chooses to die as a human, rather than live as a vampire. And to think, Caroline forgives Alaric and the two go on to become engaged and have children!

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When Tyler's dad's neck was snapped.

A surprise attack is understandable when a human is fighting a human. But when it's a human against a vampire… well, that's just not fair! Tyler's dad, Richard Lockwood, was one of the leaders of the Town Council, as well as the mayor (before Bonnie's dad, Rudy). In an attempt to rid the town of vampires in a big way, he and John Gilbert activate the 'Gilbert Device.' After it goes off, the house that Lockwood is currently in catches on fire, with a few other people inside, as well. One of those people is Damon, another member of the Town Council. When Damon confesses to Richard that he's a vampire, Richard staggers backward in shock. In a case of dumb luck, he staggers backward into Charlie, a vampire who then snaps Richard's neck. Hey, at least Charlie died in the fire.

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When Tyler's mom was drowned by Klaus.

After Tyler's father died, all he had left was his mom, Carol. Carol, another former Mayor of Mystic Falls (seriously, who hasn't been Mayor?!), was pretty bad-ass. She did last longer than her husband did, anyway. But, even though she was able to protect the town and her son, she fell victim to the bottle.

During the annual Christmas party, Carol gets a little too drunk and needs to wait for her son to pick her up. (Isn't that usually the other way around?) She waits by the fountain, until out of nowhere, Klaus shows up. She begs him to spare her since she's all that Tyler has left, but he's not falling for it. He drowns her in the fountain! Because she had been drunk, many thought that her death was a careless accident. But Tyler and his friends know better.

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When Anna's mom was staked by John Gilbert.

The Gilberts have not been kind to Anna or her family. Anna's mom, Pearl, was one of the tomb vampires. Back in the 1800s, Pearl fell in love with Johnathan Gilbert. One of the founding members of the Town Council, he hated vampires. So, when he found out that she was a vampire, he turned on her, leaving her heartbroken. Centuries later, she was resurrected from the tomb, only to be staked by John Gilbert, a direct descendant of her former love. Moreover, John is the one that eventually kills Anna as well!

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When April's dad committed suicide.

When it comes to TVD, April is essentially a unicorn. She is still alive, and has never been turned into a supernatural being of any kind. She is sweet and innocent, although the same can't be said for her crazy father. April's dad, Pastor Young, was a leader of the Town Council and hardcore vampire hunter. Young befriended Atticus Shane, a theology professor at the local college. During their many discussions, Shane leads Young to believe that killing himself would lead to a greater good. Too bad Young didn't know that the "greater good" was actually code for "bring my family back to life." A desperate Pastor Young proceeded to kill himself, and 11 members of the Town Council, by blowing them all up in a barn.

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When Damon & Stefan's mom staked herself.

While being slaughtered by a vampire is a typical way to die in modern day Mystic Falls, back in the 1800s, a disease known as Consumption is what caused you to bite the dust. Before they were vampires themselves, Damon and Stefan's mother, Lillian, became sick with Consumption. Her husband sent her away so that she didn't infect anyone else, and while being treated, an unknown nurse scratched her and turned her into a vampire. She then faked her death and let her family mourn her, rather than let them see her as a vampire.

This was all gravy until Lillian and some of her vampire friends slaughtered everyone aboard a boat… all 3,000 of them. To make sure that she would never do such harm again, she killed herself by plunging a stake through her heart.

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When Damon & Stefan's dad was killed by Stefan himself.

Unlike their mother, Damon and Stefan's father was not selfless and loving. Giuseppe Salvatore was a founding member of the Town Council and professional vampire hater. He, along with other members of the town, was responsible for placing Katherine and other vampires in a tomb. When his sons tried to save Katherine and the vampires, Giuseppe shot his own sons in the back! But, little did he know, that Damon and Stefan had Katherine's blood coursing through their veins. Damon and Stefan came back as vampires and, when Stefan learned that it was his own father who tried to kill him, went to confront him. Giuseppe was horrified at the monster his son was becoming and tried to stake him, killing him once and for all. But, unbeknownst to both of them, Stefan had a newly acquired strength. Stefan flung his father across the room causing the stake to go into Giuseppe instead! Even though Stefan was heartbroken and apologetic, we think it served his dad right.

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