Star Cuts All Ties With YouTube Beauty Guru for “Drug Use, Racism & Bullying”

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If you’ve been following Kat Von D and/or Jeffree Star for the past few months, you know that their once-close relationship has become pretty tumultuous recently. But after weeks of shady tweets, the makeup lovers have finally reached their breaking point.

Last night, the tattoo artist reached her breaking point seemingly out of nowhere and publicly disassociated herself from the YouTube beauty guru.

“After years of making excuses for, and rationalizing Jeffree’s inappropriate behavior (including, promoting drug use, racism, and bullying) I can no longer hold my tongue after recent events,” Kat posted on Facebook and Instagram along with a picture of his face with a strikeout. “I know that over the years, many of you were introduced to Jeffree through me, and regardless if you chose to continue to follow him or not, I just would like to disassociate myself from him and his brand from this point on. I plan on posting a video explanation as to why I felt compelled to make such a statement. But for the time being, I simply want to apologize to anybody and everybody who has ever had to deal with any of his negativity. And yes, with a heavy heart, I will be pulling the shade ‘Jeffree’ from my collection. Sending extra love to everyone out there.”

Although the 34-year-old mentioned that her decision was based on “recent events,” she has yet to go into the specifics.

Never one to bite his tongue, Jeffree commented on Kat’s rant on his own social media account.

But the fight didn’t stop there. After Kat called Jeffree a liar for “telling me to f*ck myself after asking you to pay for the artwork u stole,” he responded, “She accused me of something that wasn’t true, so I told her to f*ck off and then blocked her number. Not that juicy of a story, sorry.”

More details will hopefully emerge in the coming days.


10 times there was serious drama between YouTubers:

When Connor Franta & Tyler Oakley threw subtle shade

Technically Connor and Tyler have yet to confirm that they had a feud of any kind, but there are some definite signs that they're not as close as they once were. For starters, the blond removed the brunette from his "People I Don't Hate" list on YouTube Featured Channels spot, which could be seen as a diss. Connor also unfollowed Tyler's Instagram account in October 2014, which for two social media stars is a pretty darn big deal. The biggest example of not-so-subtle shade throwing was when Connor did NOT re-tweet his support for Tyler's episode of Catfish. According to reports, when MTV's Catfish Twitter account asked Connor to retweet this, "Hey @connorfranta! Give us a RT to show your excitement for @tyleroakley on #Catfish tonight!" he totally snubbed them.

Photo: Instagram (@connorfranta)

When Alfie Deyes told Gabriella Lindley to 'think before you tweet'

In 2015, Alfie aka PointlessBlog was super rude to Gabriella aka velvetgh0st, even though his GF Zoe Sugg (Zoella on YouTube) used to be very close with her. The incident began after the beauty vlogger said "There's no way on earth I'm participating in Vessel. I think it's disgusting," in regards to the new app Vessel that charges people to look at YouTube videos. Even though Alfie didn't support the new app either, he was not a fan of Gabriella's tweets and therefore called her out. "@velvetgh0st I'm not going to be using the site Vessel, but there are much more mature ways to explain your views… #ThinkBeforeYouTweet," he wrote.

Photo: Instagram (@pointlessblog, @velvetgh0st)

When Laci Green had no time for Sam Pepper's disgusting video

After Sam Pepper posted a video on his page where he went around pinching women's butts a LOT of people were outraged. Fellow vlogger Laci Green decided to do something about her frustration and took to Twitter to express her emotions. "Call it a 'prank' or an 'experiment,' if you touch someone w/o consent, and promote it as comedy, you are part of the problem. @SamPepper," she wrote. She later added that Sam had been contacting her as a result of her notes.

"Another kind email from @SamPepper. You don't scare me dude. I know what you've done, and soon YouTube will as well."

Photo: Instagram (@lacigreen, @itssampepper)

Grace Helbig & Jenna Marbles

Back in 2013, Grace (known as Daily Grace on YouTube) allegedly dissed Jenna by mocking one of her video posts. Grace posted a video titled, "Draw My Life," which many fans thought was a diss about Jenna's video with the same title. In Jenna's video she talks about being sad and depressed in LA and Grace uses the same "Draw My Life" tag and then makes fun of it. At the end of Grace's video, she said, "If there's one takeaway from this video it's that I'm really sad. And I'm depressed and I'm sad." This statement was what sent fans into a major freak out session and was the most mocking part to Jenna.

Photo: YouTube

When KSI and PewDiePie went at it hardcore

After Felix Kjellberg, who is better known as PewDiePie on YouTube, went on a rant about people posting videos talking about YouTube drama and how annoying it was, Olajide "JJ" Olantunji (who is better known as KSI) responded and threw shade at the same time. In his own video titled, "Talking About YouTube Changing To Get Views," KSI called PewDiePie a "hypocrite" because he fueled the drama by making the video. PewDiePie responded on Twitter saying, "Going to KSI for advice about ‘how to act online' is about as useful as asking Toby Turner for relationship advice." Ouch.

Photo: Instagram (@ksi, @pewdiepie)

And then Onision got in on the action!

PewDiePie and Onision also got into a Twitter war about his "YouTube Drama" video in April 2016. "There are few things more pathetic than a guy who's rich for playing video games complaining about this s**t," Onision tweeted. PewDiePie then responded saying, "Considering Onision's whole life reads like a s****y soap opera. I'm guessing he's one of the few things." #Burn.

Photo: Instagram (@pewdiepie, @onison)

When everyone went against Sam and Nia

2015 was a scandalous year for Nia and Sam Rader. After receiving criticism for posting a pregnancy announcement video shortly followed by a miscarriage vid, the pair dealt with even more hate when Sam was exposed for having an account and getting kicked out of VloggerFair in Seattle. After all of this craziness a LOT of YouTubers decided to call them out on their ridiculous actions, especially Sam. According to What's Trending Sam claimed numerous family vloggers were rude to him and bullying his family at the VloggerFair. As soon as he said this, the other vloggers came forward and revealed that Sam threatened to fight them.

Singer/songwriter and YouTuber, Meghan Tonjes is one of many video bloggers who took to Twitter to diss the couple. "Maybe this isn't God testing you. Maybe this is you just being a s****y person and lacking humility and a moral center?" she tweeted in August 2015. RJ Aguiar also voiced his opinions about the duo's actions at the fair by tweeting, "I feel stupid that we told people to lay off @SamAndNia, and then I hear Sam is threatening to punch people at Vloggerfair. Oh well…"

Photo: Instagram (@samandnia)

When Onision called MrRepzion a 'stalker'

The feud between Greg Jackson (Onision) and Daniel Sulzbach (MrRepzion) was very public back in 2013. During their bizarre fight, Onision posted a video calling MrRepzion a "stalker." "I've had this little stalker on YouTube for a while. And he's a pretty creepy dude," he said in the video. MrRepzion later posted a response video where he proved that the "Dear Stalker" video was about him and then tried to disprove everything Onision said in his video.

Photo: Instagram (@onison, @mrrepzion)

When DEE davE gave LeafyIsHere what he deserves

LeafyIsHere has no problem calling people out on his channel, but sometimes he takes it too far. In April 2016, the YouTuber mocked an autistic YT star. And even though the disabled boy stood up for himself, LeafyIsHere still wouldn't let up. Numerous YouTubers called the bully out for his disgusting behavior, including the duo of Dee and Dave from DEE davE who posted a video called, "Calling Out LeafyIsHere #STOPBULLYING," and labeling Leafy as "the cancer of YouTube."

Photo: YouTube

When Doc said Gabrielle Hanna stole people's jokes

Gabrielle aka The Gabbie Show is SO funny, yet she was totally put on blast in 2015 for some of her videos. A YouTuber named "Doc" called out Gabrielle for her comedy videos saying that they were stolen. The user went on a long rant saying that she was a "poser" and then showed her jokes next to other people's that were exactly the same.

Photo: Instagram (@thegabbieshow)

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