Your Biggest Fear About the Divergent Series is, Sadly, Coming True

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Welp, guess this was the smartest move possible: After the dismal box-office numbers from Divergent‘s last movie, Allegiant, garnered, Lionsgate has decided to not move forward with the final film, Ascendant… at least, in the form it was originally supposed to be presented in.

In April, rumor had it that the budget for the fourth installment would be slashed after all the negativity surrounding the third flick, BUT Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Zoe Kravitz & Miles Teller were all still tapped to return this summer to shoot the project in Atlanta, which was scheduled to hit theaters in June 2017. Now, word has it that Ascendant will be a TV movie instead.

According to Variety, “The studio wants to wrap up the film series on the small screen.” The good news: It’s supposed to segue into a spin-off TV show! “The idea is to finalize the storylines involving the current cast,” Variety reports. “And to introduce a new cast, who would then continue the series on either a traditional or streaming network.”

The bad news: The stars may not return. Nooo, Theooo!

Let this be a lesson: Not all books need to be split into two parts on screen.

Guess we can now add Divergent to the list of YA movie series that were cut short because the previous film(s) failed at the box office:

The Mortal Instruments

Shadowhunters around the world eagerly anticipated the release of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, based on the first book in author Cassie Clare's hit series. Unfortunately, after earning only $31.17 million at the domestic box office (after having a $60 million budget, not including marketing), this was considered a colossal fail, so the idea of a City of Ashes sequel was put to rest.

Thankfully, a television show based on the novels is tapped to premiere on ABC Family (soon-to-be Freeform) come January 2016. Fingers crossed for Shadowhunters, guys!

Photo: Screen Gems

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Unlike every of film on the list, Percy Jackson managed to get to Movie #2 before putting a stop to the adaptations. (There are five books total.)

The first flick, The Lightning Thief, had a $95 million budget and only raked in $88.8 million, domestically.

However, the studio attempted to give Sea of Monsters a go anyway. The budget was supposedly downsized to $5 million less on this project, but that still didn't even out the costs when it only garnered $68.6 million, domestically.

When asked about the possibility of a third film, Logan Lerman said, "[Percy Jackson has] been a great experience for me. It's opened up a lot of doors for me, but I don't think it's happening."

Photo: Fox 2000 Pictures

Vampire Academy

The movie that brought together the cute couple known as Woodland (a.k.a. Dom Sherwood & Sarah Hyland) basically only had that tidbit going for it.

While Zoey Deutch delivered on her promise of a sarcastic, bad-ass vampire, fans of the book were clearly NOT fans of the movie, as it only snatched up less than $15.5 million — WORLDWIDE.

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption were not even a blip on Warner Brothers' radar after the OG film cost $60 million to make, but only grossed $19.45 million at the domestic box office. That's awful!

Photo: Warner Bros.

Ender's Game

There were a lot of huge talents in EG, including Oscar winner Ben Kingsley and Emmy winner Viola Davis, yet that wasn't enough to get people to the theaters.

Although it raked in more than a lot of other films on this list — $61.7 million, domestically — it cost $110 million to make. No bueno.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

I Am Number Four

Alex Pettyfer's name has been brought up for a bunch of successful YA projects, including The Hunger Games and Divergent. But the one YA gig that he actually snagged turned out to be a total bust. The studio shelled out $60 million to make I Am Number Four, but only cashed in $55.1, domestically. So, plans of the movie sequel, The Power of Six, have been shelved, indefinitely.

Photo: Touchstone Pictures


The movie loosely based on Christopher Paolini's book series took in $75 million, domestically, which is rather impressive stacked against the aforementioned flicks. However, when the project added up to $100 million to create, the impressive status took a major hit, thus, no more movies.

Photo: Fox 2000 Pictures

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