12 WTF Style Choices That Prove Ashley Tisdale Was Her HSM Character IRL

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Disney-Channel style was interesting to say the least, but it was NOTHING compared to the clothes her High School Musical co-star wore back in the day. Ashley Tisdale made a name for herself by playing the gaudy, over-the-top Sharpay Evans in the DCOMs, and while she is now trying her hardest to distance herself from the past, it definitely wasn’t always that way.

The queen of East High loved wearing pink, sparkles, fur… basically, if it would make peoples’ heads turn, the character would buy it. And while you may think the now-31-year-old was simply playing dress up every time she stepped on set, it’s looking like that wasn’t quite the case. Looking back on Ashley’s past, it seems that she was actually more similar to Sharpay than you probably thought. Well, at least in the fashion department…

Check out the gallery below to see some of the blonde’s most cringe-worthy style choices of the past that prove she was actually Sharpay IRL.

Pink Feather Boa

The former DC star wore this ensemble to a pajama party for The Princess Diaries 2, so we'll give her a pass for the fuzzy Hello Kitty slippers. The feather boa and rhinestone belt buckle, however... we simply cannot do the same.

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Sequin Skirt Over Jeans

You can take a girl out of East High, but you can't take East High out of a girl! Ashley lived and died for layering a skirt over jeans/leggings/etc. back in the day, but our fave example of her real-life Sharpay tendencies came at the Ice Princess premiere in the mid-2000s.

Photo: Getty

Furry Blue Shrug


Photo: WENN

Green Boots

At first glance, your eyes immediately go to Ashley's green boots that match her satin top and bag ... how can they not?! But then when you take a minute to really digest the whole outfit, you realize the actress is also wearing a fur shrug as an accessory. Can you even handle it?

Photo: Getty

Newsboy Cap

What are the chances the blonde beauty stole this cap from her on-screen brother Ryan Evans' closet? Prettttttty high, if you ask us.

Photo: Getty

All White Err'thang

Hopefully this picture was taken before Labor Day, because otherwise the HSM star would've been breaking countless fashion rules. But besides that, Ashley was obviously a fan of layering, although we're not quite sure why she thought a midi skirt over flared jeans would equal success...

Photo: WENN

Ruffles on Ruffles on Ruffles

We're having serious "Bop to the Top" flashbacks here! Anyone else? We know you are.

Photo: Getty

Long Graphic T-Shirt

At this point in her life, Ashley was obviously trying to go for a more ~edgy vibe~, so she decided to rock a (brown) leather jacket, Ed Hardy (#TBT) top, sheer cropped leggings, and chunky sandals. Nailed it!

Photo: Getty

Camo Pants

Camouflage is definitely something that has gotten more and more trendy over the years, but back in Ashley's brown-hair non-nose-job days, it was still something reserved for hunters and members of the military. So when she showed up to a red carpet looking like she was ready to do some construction work, people were very confused... and rightfully so!

Photo: Getty

Black and White Combo

Question... is the white mini skirt attached to the black skirt (or perhaps culotte pants?) underneath? How are they both laying neatly together? How are there no bulges? WE ARE SO CONFUSED!

Photo: Getty

White Cropped Leggings

Who says you need to wear dark colors (or even something other than a long-sleeve tee to be fancy?) Well, everyone. We're not really sure what look Ashley was going for her, but judging by the people in the background, she was a bit under-dressed for the occasion.

Photo: WENN

Shredded Skirt

No, this skirt didn't get caught in a shredder before she stepped out of the house — Ashley bought this bad boy this way! Maybe she was obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean and wanted to pay homage to the characters?

Photo: WENN

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