6 Celebrity Couples That Played Brother & Sister in Movies

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You’ve seen it before — off-screen couples portraying on-screen siblings. Heck, there were at least 10 TV pairings that did just that. (Penn Badgley & Blake Lively were once step-siblings on Gossip Girl, Chris Pratt & Emily VanCamp portrayed full-blown brother & sister on Everwood…) And there a bunch of twosomes that did the same in movies as well.

Though there don’t seem to be as many duos as there are on the small screen, here are six celebrity couples that played brother & sister in films:

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower

At the end of The Mortal Instruments, audiences (who never read the book edition) were shocked to learn that the film's central love interests, Clary (Lily) and Jace (Jamie), were actually *SPOILER ALERT* sister and brother! And, since we, as a viewing audience, never got to see any followup flicks, that's how their relationship will always be. That means that the real-life Jamily, at one point, portrayed siblings. Blech.

In case you didn't know, though, the two turn out to not be blood related, according to Cassie Clare's book series. Jace was raised by Clary's birth father after Jace's birth father was killed.

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Robert Pattinson & Nikki Reed

Before Robsten was a ~thing~, RPattz actually hooked up with the future Mrs. Ian Somerhalder off screen... who just so happened to play his sorta-adoptive sister.

Some seem to think that Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz tried their hand at a real-life romance as well, but we'll always have... Rikki? Reedinson? Eh.

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David Henrie & Selena Gomez

It was late summer 2007, the year Wizards of Waverly Place premiered, when rumors of a romance between the on-screen siblings made headlines. It was really short-lived, like, by the time Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie made waves in 2009, the pair was WAY over.

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Amy Poehler & Will Arnett

The comedians were married for nearly 4 years when they portrayed the evil ice-skating siblings Stranz & Fairchild Van Waldenberg in Blades of Glory. They were incestuous in the film, but still funny AF.

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Gwyneth Paltrow & Luke Wilson

In the year leading up to the film The Royal Tenenbaums, incestuous siblings Margot & Richie Tenenbaum tried their hand at love IRL. (Thankfully, Gwyn & Luke are not related.

Disappointingly, the two called it quits the month the movie hit theaters in January 2002.

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Matthew Broderick & Jennifer Grey

The year before Jennifer became a household name, courtesy of Dirty Dancing, she appeared in the movie that defined Matthew Broderick's career, Ferris Bueller's Day Off... as his sister!

The two started dating in secret in May 1987, but the public soon found out after the two were involved in an infamous car crash on August 5, 1987 that left MB with a fractured leg, fractured ribs, a concussion, and a collapsed lung and two women (not Jennifer) dead. The two managed to survive as a couple until October 1988.

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