8 Embarrassing Fashion Mistakes Bella Thorne Made in Her Disney Channel Days

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Bella Thorne has grown up quite a lot since she starred on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! from 2010 to 2013. Gone are the days that she wore tutus and crimped her hair on the regular, and instead we now see the 18-year-old rockin’ skimpy bikinis and posts half-naked Snapchats. Oh, how the tables have turned…

But while BT has come quite a long way since she was simply known as CeCe Jones on the DC television hit, it’s taken her some time to really discover her personal style without any influence from her on-screen counterpart. Like her fellow Disney alums Zendaya Coleman and Ashley Tisdale, the redhead’s fashion taste took a good amount of time to really evolve into something that wasn’t simply Mickey Mouse approved, and she definitely hit some roadblocks along the way.

Oversized Pants

Any celebrity will tell you that finding a good tailor is essential to looking bomb on the red carpet. We live for bell bottoms just as much as the next person, but BT's bottoms were WAY past being trendy and were quite simply too big for her petite frame.

Photo: WENN

Fluffy Tutu

Oh boy. Clearly BT was inspired by her Shake It Up character's wardrobe when she put these pieces together. Not only does her skirt look like something your 5-year-old little sister would adore, but the boots are just fifty shades of confusing and we do not understand.

Photo: WENN

Mixed Patterns

Coco Chanel once said, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." In Bella's case, she probably could've benefited by losing at least three items. Separately, we think these items could've been cute for a casual look for a tween. But unfortunately, this look is SO overwhelming that it just ended up being a major fail.

Photo: WENN

All Metallic Err'thang

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing metallics, and velvet is totally in right now, but this outfit simply mixed the mark. Also, the crimped 'do doesn't help bring the ensemble back from the '90s...

Photo: WENN

Black Vest

If you never wore a mini vest over an outfit a la Avril Lavigne, were you even a real tween in the 2000s? DEFINITELY not.

Photo: WENN

Patterned Dress

Did anyone else own this exact outfit for their Bratz dolls back in the day? Just us? Okay...

Photo: WENN

Gothic Tutu

As Bella has gotten older, her style has definitely transformed into something a bit more edgy and sophisticated than it ever was. Although you can see that former Disney actress was trying to experiment with her wardrobe in this ensemble, the dark tones just didn't work with the ballerina-meets-cowgirl theme.

Photo: WENN

Floppy Bun

We're all about a top knot or high, messy bun, but there's just something off about Bella's 'do. Maybe her bobby pins didn't quite do their job? Perhaps there was a strong wind? Whatever the case... no one likes a flaccid bun.

Photo: WENN

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