6 Shocking Times Nick Threw Shade at the Jonas Brothers

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Nick Jonas has never been one to shy away from drama or controversial subjects. The 23-year-old singer always finds a way to get involved in major news and often puts up with extremely personal questions and answers them honestly. He embraces his life in the spotlight and understands that it is all just part of the job. Since starting his Future Now Tour with BFF Demi Lovato, the pair has recreated songs from the days of Camp Rock and acknowledged its Disney Channel past.

One thing that Nick doesn’t always acknowledge with fond memories, though, is his Jonas Brothers past. Although the chart-topping boy band is the main reason behind Nick’s continued success, he has definitely thrown some major shade. The brothers still have a great relationship — or, at least Nick & Joe Jonas do — but sometimes Nick can’t help but spill the truth tea about his former life. Check out our gallery to see all the times the youngest JoBro member threw serious shade:

That time he went to therapy.

In his Tidal exclusive mini docu-series, Nick got seriously personal about his past, what his new music means and what he is looking forward to in the future. In one of the episodes, Nick explained that after the Jonas Brothers broke up, he had to go through therapy. Although going to therapy is something that helps tons of people and is a great resource, Nick added that he went because he needs "to be able to look at it with a positive angle," referring to his JoBro days. Yikes, if that's not shade then we don't know what is.

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When he revealed he regrets his teenage years.

The Tidal docu-series continued to get super personal when Nick began to reflect about his teenage years. After talking about what it was like to grow up in the public eye and being part of the biggest boy band at the time, Nick suggested it wasn't always what he wanted. Saying "It does suck that my 13-to 20-year-old years come with a lot of regret, almost, in a way,” Nick makes it clear that he definitely regrets the time he spent in the Jonas Brothers band.

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That time he wrote a song about his siblings.

When the first single off of Nick's debut solo album dropped, we instantly began to investigate who the song was about. "Chains" was a huge hit, and although it initially makes you think it's about love, Nick revealed in an interview with MTV saying " it can be about anything that entangles you in your life and doesn’t let you do what you need to do to feel free," aka the Jonas Brothers. Yikes, talk about family drama.

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When he felt trapped being part of the JoBros.

In an interview with People, Nick explained that he "felt trapped" in the Jonas Brothers and couldn't really be himself. Not only is he totally hating on his time spent in the band, but he is definitely solidifying the fact that "Chains" is about his experience.

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That time he predicted a negative future for the Jonas Brothers.

Nick has never been quiet about the fact that he was the one to initiate the conversation that led to the big split, but during his live Q&A and talk at Oxford University, Nick spoke out about his reasoning why. Saying "At 21, I was not gonna be washed up. That was not an option," Nick makes it clear that he didn't see the band going in a direction that would end well. He obviously wasn't getting the results he wanted and needed to get out before it was too late.

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When he didn't have faith in the band.

After announcing the definite end of the Jonas Brothers, the trio visited Good Morning America in attempt to explain themselves and give their fans closure. We're assuming that when Nick said "I feel like we've had some complications within the group for a long time without addressing them. I think this train will fall off the tracks,“ he didn't mean for it to sound like such a total diss, or maybe he did.

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