8 WTF Outfits Victoria Justice Once Wore That She’d Never Be Caught Dead in Now

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Victoria Justice has come a LONG way since she was known as being a Nickelodeon queen and is now one of the most fashionable celebrities out there. But like any success story, it didn’t come without some bumps along the road. Like Ariana Grande and Emma Roberts, it took the 23-year-old actress quite some time to grow out of the Nick mindset and separate her personal style from that of Victorious’ Tori Vega or Zoey 101’s Lola Martinez.

From ~interesting hats~ to poop-inspired ensembles, the outfits the brunette beauty once wore were interesting to say the least. Although it might be a little bit embarrassing for Vic to look back at the garbs she used to think were TOTALLY killer, it’s something we definitely all deal with and it’s honestly easier to just sit back and laugh. The good old days!

Newsboy Cap

Victoria's shoes might be screaming 'secretary chic,' but her hat is definitely saying she's ready to have a good time. Just like how we may one day and look back at today's baseball-cap trend with disgust, it's pretty safe to assume this Nickelodeon star reflects on this hat with nothing but bad memories.

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All Brown Everything

There aren't any words for us to describe the inspiration for this look. Poop chic? Metallic dirt? IDKIDKIDKIDK!

Photo: Getty

Vest & Fedora

We're going to credit the Jonas Brothers for making this look popular in the mid-to-late 2000s. Joe was OB-SESSED with fedoras, and all three boys really liked spicing up their outfits with a vest. So, was VJ secretly a diehard JoBros fan? The world may never know.

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Oversized Vest


Photo: WENN

Dress Over Jeans

As we've seen from other celebrities, as well as our own lives, almost everyone once tried the dress-over-jeans trend. While it might've been bomb dot com back in the day, we just literally DO NOT understand understand the appeal today.

Photo: WENN

Hip-Hugging Belt

The purpose of a belt is to hold your pants up, and you KNOW this bad boy was not doing that for VJ. Ah, the styles that literally have no use at all... #living

Photo: WENN

Purple Fringe Boots

We live for a pop of color, and clearly so does Victoria! Not gonna lie, if these boots were in a slightly more neutral color we think they'd totally still fit into today's trends, but unfortunately the bright purple mixed with fringe just makes them a bit too over-the-top.

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Patterned Scarf

On it's own, there's nothing wrong with this scarf. In fact, we can totally see celebs wearing it with an all-black outfit today! We're not sure if it's the way it's tied, or perhaps the pink shirt, but something about this look is just off, ya know?

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