This Pic Will Make You Cringe After You Learn Who Bella Thorne’s Dating Now

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The weeks following Bella Thorne‘s August breakup with longtime boyfriend Gregg Sulkin have been eventful, to say the least. Just a little bit over one week after the year-long relationship came to an end, the 18-year-old Shake It Up! alum came out as bisexual once snapshots of her kissing best friend Bella Pendergast made their way to Snapchat. Now, barely a month post-split, the redheaded star’s got a new bae. And you know him quite well.

Pictures of the Famous in Love actress kissing none other than Tyler Posey hit the web over the weekend, sending fans of both celebrities into a frenzy. And, according to E! News, it wasn’t a one-time thing! “The fairly new relationship blossomed about five weeks ago,” reports the site. However, it’s “nothing serious at the moment… They are hanging out and testing the waters and seeing where it goes.”

The pair were first linked in April 2015, after they were spotted hanging out, walking hand-in-hand. At the time, though, they claimed to be just friends.

The 24-year-old Teen Wolf actor hasn’t been seriously romantically linked to anyone since longtime love Seana Gorlick, whom he dated for 10 years after getting together in 2003, got engaged to in July 2013, but then separated from in October 2014. Since then, he ~came out~ as gay this past summer, though, that turned out to be a not-so-great joke on his part.

What makes things awkward is that he and Bella’s ex, Gregg, are pals. They even hung out together a few weeks back at a party at the Playboy Mansion. In fact, the three of ’em — Bella, Gregg & Tyler — posed for pictures together at Cameron Monaghan‘s birthday dinner at The District the same week Bella & Gregg’s split was announced. Of course, Bella’s not the first star to pose with her ex-bae and her next bae at the same time — but look at how Tyler inserted himself into the photo above. Kinda cringe-worthy, TBH.
Before Gregg or Tyler entered the picture, Bella racked up quite a dating timeline:

Jake T. Austin

Jake and Bella's on-screen romance on Wizard's of Waverly Place was rumored to also be getting steamy off-set. Bella, however, wasted no time shooting down these rumors on Twitter.

Photo: Getty

Kenton Duty

Making sure to get her fill of Disney Channel flings, Bella and Kenton dated in 2010. This Shake It Up romance only lasted two months before the two were so history.

Photo: Getty

Garrett Backstrom

Though the actrss denied being in a relationship, Bella and Garret Backstrom were spotted spending a whole lot of one-on-one time together in 2011.

Photo: Getty

Cody Simpson

After a few flirty conversations on Twitter, speculations started to form about a potential romance between Bella and the Aussie singer. Bella responded to the rumors by claiming to just be good friends.

Photo: Getty

Tristan Klier

For nearly three years, the lovebirds have shared their feelings with each other for friends and fans to see all over social media. So, obvs fans of Bristan were heartbroken when they split in August of 2014. As if that wasn't enough, the two filled us all with a false sense of hope when they shared Tristan's totally adorbs homecoming proposal on insta. In the end, it wasn't enough to save their rocky long distance relaysh.

Photo: Instagram (@tristan_klier89)

Ross Lynch

After Bella attended a St. Patrick's day pool party at Ross' house — our invite must have been lost in the mail— rumors that the two Disney stars were dating went rampant. It turns out that they are actually just good friends, for now at least.

Photo: Instagram (@bellathorne)

James McVey

Bella and The Vamps singer were spotted having a dinner date in London last month. They then preceed to post about it via social media. People started wondering if this meant that the two were an item. But, it looks like they are solely friends and even met up with James' girlfriend later that night.

Photo: Instagram (@iamjamesmcvey)

Brandon Lee

Right after Bristan was dunzo, Bella was not-so subtley jumping into another serious relationship with Pamela Anderson's son. Pictures started surfacing of the two so obvs fans started to wonder. After the speculation continued, Bella recently confirmed her relationship status to Brandon.

Photo: Instagram (@brandon_lee)

Stephen Lunsford

When she gushed about the flowers that Stephen sent her over instagram, we all sat here very confused. But, according to sources, the two claim to keep a platonic relationship.

Photo: Instagram (@Lunsfuhd)

Ryan Nassif

Welp, this is awkward. Just a few weeks after confirming her relationship with Brandon Lee, Bella was seen publicly kissing another boy. Either Brandon is a very lenient boyfriend and doesn't mind Bella sharing a smooch with someone else, or a new love is in the air — yet again — for Bella.

Photo: Getty

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