6 Times a HSM Actor Had a Mortifying Wardrobe Malfunction in Public

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Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale have both made some questionable fashion choices in the past, but bad clothing decisions aren’t the only type of embarrassment these best friends share. While the High School Musical actresses are, for the most part, pretty solid in the wardrobe department, they’re not completely safe from suffering mortifying malfunctions every now and then.

Both Nessa and Ash have accidentally exposed themselves in public (sometimes more than once), which makes ’em just two of the former Disney stars who had a similar embarrassing experience. Click through the gallery below to see all the times a HSM star had a fashion mishap for the whole world to see!

When Ashley Tisdale forgot her bra

There's nothing wrong with not wearing a bra, but if you're gonna go sans lingerie, you sometimes have to take other precautions. When Ashley hit the Mother's Day premiere in a thin black t-shirt with nothing else underneath, she probably didn't even consider the fact that the cameras' flashes would cause her top to become sheer, giving the world a clear view of her nips every time they went off.

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When Monique Coleman had a Dancing With the Stars mishap

Not gonna lie — we're surprised there aren't more wardrobe malfunctions on DWTS! Although most past constants have been able to keep their costumes on properly during their high-energy performances, one particularly aggressive spin left Monique grabbing at the back of her skirt, which fell down and gave everyone a quick glimpse of her booty.

Photo: ABC

When Vanessa Hudgens lost her bikini top

This HSM star was enjoying a nice day on the beach with boyfriend Austin Butler back in early 2012 when something went terribly wrong. The brunette was frolicking in the sand when suddenly her bikini top came untied and COMPLETELY popped open. Luckily, Vanessa was able to react quickly and cover herself up before anyone got too much of a show.

Photo: WENN

When Austin Butler caused another wardrobe malfunction

Accidents happen, but this one could've been bad. Vanessa and Austin were attending a Rolling Stones in May 2013 when the actor accidentally stepped on his GF's flowing pants, causing them to slip down and expose her blue undies. Like we said, it could've been much worse, but we're sure Nessa wasn't too thrilled.

Photo: WENN

When Miley Cyrus flashed a nipple on live television

While MiCy didn't hump any foam fingers at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, she did expose a nip. The 23-year-old singer who made an appearance in HSM 2 was trying to wrap up her hosting duties as she was changing clothes and apparently didn't realize that her entire breast escaped the curtain barrier. "Sorry, my tit's out," she said, but we don't think she was actually that sorry. #FreeTheNipple

Photo: MTV

And when she exposed a different part of her body on TV

Miley hates pants, so these super-short cutoffs were actually pretty tame for the singer. Unfortunately, she got so into her TODAY show performance that she seemingly forgot that she didn't have THAT much fabric covering her lady bits, and the audience got more of a show than they bargained for.

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