15 Young Actresses Who Are 10+ Years Younger Than Male Movie Love Interest

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There’s something fishy going on in the world of showbiz; something more than a few outlets have referred to as an “older-man problem.” As you may’ve noticed, Hollywood likes to pair its older men with younger women. In 2015, Vulture pointed out that Emma Stone had four on-screen love interests who were over 40 throughout the last cinematic year, when she was a mere 26 at the time, and Jennifer Lawrence‘s on-screen romance partners were pretty much all middle age, apart from her fellow Hunger Games stars. It’s not always a harmful issue, but, like, why does it happen all.the.time?

Throughout the past few years, some YA movies have pushed it, like The DUFF, in which Bella Thorne & Robbie Amell played girlfriend & boyfriend, despite their real-life 9-year age gap, and Vampire Academy, in which Zoey Deutch & Danila Kozlovsky nearly had sex, despite their real-life 9-year age gap. Others went all the way, featuring 20-something actresses who are more than 10 years younger than her male movie love interest. Here are 15 of those young stars:

Vanessa Hudgens

LOVE INTEREST: James Franco (Spring Breakers)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 10.5 years

Okay, so ~love~ interest is probably the wrong way to describe James Franco's Spring Breakers character to Vanessa Hudgens'. How about threesome partner or fellow gun-toting crazy person? Either way, it doesn't change the fact that they played tonsil hockey with their decade-long gap between 'em.

Photo: A24

Blake Lively

LOVE INTEREST: Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern)


Age ain't nothin' but a number when it comes to Blake & Ryan. Not only did they portray on-screen love interests, but they're happily married with TWO babies in real life!

Photo: Warner Bros.

Alicia Vikander

LOVE INTEREST: Michael Fassbender (The Light Between Oceans)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 11.5 years

The Oscar-winning actress and the X-Men hunk also fell in love, despite the age difference between 'em.

When asked about his beautiful lady by Good Morning America, he said, "We met on that job and have been seeing each other since. She's such a fierce performer. She's so brave. She's not afraid to bring ugly personality traits to the forefront in characters. So I was really impressed by her immediately."

Photo: Touchstone Pictures

Ashley Benson

LOVE INTEREST: James Franco (Spring Breakers)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 11.5 years

Many of the same things can be said about Ashley & James that were said for Vanessa & James. Ash is the third part of the threesome we mentioned earlier, plus she also liked to tote guns. The main difference is that she and James have an even wider age gap between 'em — pushing 12 years.

Photo: A24

Cara Delevingne

LOVE INTEREST: Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 12.5 years

Although we love the supermodel, Cara's role in Suicide Squad is, arguably, the worst part of the film. Many didn't believe in the 24-year-old beauty's portrayal of renowned scientist June Moone. Perhaps that's why her romantic scenes with Joel Kinnaman, who's over 12 years her senior, were also lacking and unbelievable.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Emma Roberts

LOVE INTEREST: James Franco (Palo Alto, I Am Michael)


James Franco strikes again! On at least three separate occasions, the Spider-Man actor got hot and heavy with someone way younger than him. But we guess that was the whole point, right? After all, he was playing a soccer coach to high school student Emma. You're supposed to be disturbed.

Photo: Tribeca Film

Kristen Stewart

LOVE INTEREST: Ryan Reynolds (Adventureland)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 13.5 years

2 years before hooking up with future wife Blake Lively in Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds swapped spit with the even younger Kristen Stewart in the 2009 flick Adventureland. But, according to RR, "[Kristen's] an old, old soul. Sometimes I wonder if she's one of the Golden Girls with a great face lift," so we guess it wasn't as awkward for him to make out with a teenager. (KStew was 18 at the time of the film's release.)

Photo: Miramax

Jennifer Lawrence

LOVE INTEREST: Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook, Serena)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 14.5 years

Close friends and frequent co-stars J.Law & Bradley have had their fair share of on-screen relationships. But, just because people seem to believe they have chemistry on camera doesn't mean they're comfortable with their age gap off the big screen.

B.Coops said of his off-screen platonic relationship with Jen, "If it didn't happen by now, it's not gonna happen. I could literally be her father."

Little did everyone know that, after he made that comment, he would go on to date Suki Waterhouse, who's even younger than Jennifer, so...

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Elizabeth Olsen

LOVE INTEREST: Josh Radnor (Liberal Arts)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 14.5 years

Elizabeth & Josh already have a noticeable age difference IRL, but their characters have an even larger gap in the film Liberal Arts.

The How I Met Your Mother actor portrays a 35-year-old college admissions officer, while the Avengers actress portrays a 19-year-old college student. That made Liz's thoughts on age & relationships quite easy to come by.

"I don't think it's so much an age thing, as that people just need different things at different times in their lives," she told Huffington Post. "But there's no doubt that boys grow up at a slower rate — this definitely couldn't have happened the other way round."

Photo: IFC Films

Julianne Hough

LOVE INTEREST: Josh Duhamel (Safe Haven)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 14.5 years

Sparks flew between the 20-something Dancing with the Stars champion and the Transformers actor in their 2013 Nicholas Sparks film, and that's partly because they didn't let their difference in birth decade get in the way of their professionalism.

"She's much more mature than her age, and I'm far less mature than my age, so we meet somewhere in the middle," Josh explained.

Photo: Relativity Media

Zoey Deutch

LOVE INTEREST: James Franco (Why Him?)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 16.5 years

If you thought Zoey & Danila Kozlovsky's 9-year age gap was far and wide, then this one should knock you out. For the fourth time on this particular list, a James Franco character went after a young woman over a decade younger than himself.

In this particular film, coming out December 23, Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad fame) forms a rivalry with the "young" & rich boyfriend (James) of his daughter (Zoey). Should be fun, right?

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Emily Ratajkowski

LOVE INTEREST: Ben Affleck (Gone Girl)


Just by looking at Emily and Ben, you can tell that they've got a bunch of years between 'em. But that was a part of the plan, considering Em plays Andie Fitzgerald, Ben's character Nick's mistress... and student.

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Margot Robbie

LOVE INTEREST: Will Smith (Focus)


You can thank Margot's involvement in the 2015 film Focus for Will's jacked bod, as the blonde actress was literally half his age while shooting.

"I think why I worked out really hard [was so you] can't really tell when you see us together, but I'm 46," he explained to Access Hollywood. "She was 23."

Photo: Warner Bros.

Shailene Woodley

LOVE INTEREST: Thomas Jane (White Bird in a Blizzard)

AGE DIFFERENCE: 22.5 years

Though Shailene & Tom's real-life age difference is not quite as disturbing as in their film — Shai portrays a 17-year-old who seduces Tom's character, a 40-something cop — it still disturbed the heck out of us. But, then again, we guess that's kind of the point of the entire film.

Photo: Magnolia Pictures

Emma Stone

LOVE INTEREST: Sean Penn (Gangster Squad)


Let us put it to you this way: Emma Stone has NEVER been the same age as one of her love interests. At the very least, she's 2 years younger; at the very most, she's about 30(!) years younger (so far). The latter was in Gangster Squad, opposite Sean Penn.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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