11 Actors Who Played the Older Sibling Even Though They’re the Younger Star

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Looking young in Hollywood is pretty much a career requirement for actors and actresses. So, if you’re an actor and play the eldest sibling to someone who is actually older than you in real life, you’ve basically hit the exact OPPOSITE of the genetic jackpot in Hollywood terms. (No offense.)

Don’t get us wrong, though — just because you have a more mature face doesn’t mean you can’t be a complete babe. In fact, you may be considered even more of a babe… but we digress. To get back on track, here are 11 actors who played the older sibling on screen, even though they’re the younger star in real life:

Steven R. McQueen to Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries

You may know him as Jeremy Gilbert (a.k.a. Little Gilbert) on TVD — but did you know that his real-life alter ego is actually the elder actor between him and his on-screen sibling?

That's right, despite playing Nina Dobrev's younger brother (well... cousin, technically), Steven R. McQueen has nearly 6 full months on her. He was born on July 13, 1988; Nina was born on January 9, 1989.

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Cole Sprouse to Dylan Sprouse on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

On the twins' Disney Channel television series, Cole's character, Cody, is said to be the elder twin. HOWEVER, it's Dylan who actually came into the world first IRL.

Cole tweeted in 2015, "If @dylansprouse was born 15 minutes before me, then why did I lose my virginity 15 years before him? #8YOPimp."

Ignore the second half of that sentence and focus on the beginning: Dylan was born 15 minutes before Cole.

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Ansel Elgort to Shailene Woodley in Divergent

Caleb Prior is Tris Prior's older brother (at least in the Divergent book series), but Ansel Elgort is over 2 years younger than Shailene Woodley in real life. The two are also BFF IRL and compliment each other nonstop. We'd almost hate Shailene for being beautiful, young-looking,and having a hot, sweet BFF, if she weren't so sweet herself.

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Nikki Reed to Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Go with us on this one: Edward Cullen is eternally 17. Rosalie Cullen is eternally 26. But Nikki Reed is actually 2 years younger than Robert Pattinson. They may be vampires, but we think this totally counts. Nikki's strong facial features may give her an older-looking edge, but her type of beauty is, well, undying.

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Sandra Bullock to Val Kilmer in The Prince of Egypt

Sandra Bullock plays older sis Miriam in The Prince of Egypt, and Val Kilmer plays younger brother Moses. However, Val is actually 56 today, and Sandy is 52. Maybe Sandra picked up a few ancient Egyptian beauty secrets while working on the classic Dreamworks film.

Photo: WENN

Spencer Grammer to Justin Roiland on Rick & Morty

Spencer Grammer plays widely-believed-to-be-older sister Summer Smith on Rick & Morty, while Justin Roiland plays little bro Morty. Spencer is actually only 32, and Justin is 36. While it's never implicitly stated that Summer is older, she is taller than Morty, and loves bossing him around, so we buy it.

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Matthew Broderick to Jennifer Grey in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Jennifer Grey played Matthew Broderick's little sister Jeannie in Ferris Bueller, but Jennifer is 2 years older than Matt in reality. Props to Jen for pulling off that monologue about how annoying her big brother is.

FUN FACT: The two started secretly dating while shooting the classic film.

Photo: WENN

Christian Camargo to Michael C. Hall on Dexter

Christian Camargo played Brian Moser, Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) biological older brother on the hit television series. Both actors are now 45, but Christian was born in July 1971, whereas Michael was born in February 1971, making Christian a few months younger than Michael. However, Christian nailed the older-brother role, and made it easy to see why Dexter would look up to him... as a fellow murderer... up until Dexter, eventually, murdered him.

Photo: WENN

Corey Stoll to Jason Bateman in This is Where I Leave You

Corey Stoll plays Jason Bateman's older brother in This is Where I Leave You. Corey is actually only 40, whereas Jason is 47, making this our biggest age gap in the list. Perhaps Corey's baldness contributed to his older look? Whatever the case may be, Corey's a talented actor that knows how to play the wiser sibling.

Photo: WENN

Dianne West to Barbara Hershey in Hannah and Her Sisters

Dianne West played the middle sister, and Barbara Hershey played the youngest. Both actresses are 64 years old today, but Dianne was born in March 1948, and Barbara was born February 1948, making Barbara the elder of the two. While Dianne's character was definitely giving us little sis vibes, she played the middle sister (and, subsequently, older sister) to perfection.

Photo: WENN

Nicholas Hammond to Heather Menzies-Urich in The Sound of Music

Out of all the von Trapp children, only two of 'em were swapped in birth order.

Liesl, played by Charmian Carr, was, indeed, the eldest, followed by Friedrich, then Louisa. However, IRL, Nicholas Hammond, who played the eldest boy, was born on May 15, 1950, while Louisa, the second girl, was born on December 3, 1949, making her 5 months older. The two were only a year apart in the lineup — the characters were 14 & 13, respectively — though, so it was totally believable.

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