12 Women Nick Jonas Has ~Dated~ Since His Split from Olivia Culpo

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Ever since Nick Jonas broke up with his girlfriend of two years, Olivia Culpo, he’s been spotted with a lot of beautiful women. He is a total hottie nowadays, so we can’t really blame all these lovely ladies for jumping on their chance with the former Jonas Brother.

While the 24-year-old promises time and time again that he’s “single,” we have a feeling he’s definitely still playing the field. After all, his BFF Demi Lovato told him while he was still with his model ex that he needed to explore his options some more. She told Billboard Magazine in July, “He’s a guy in his 20s and he’s famous and he likes to have a lot of fun. Listen, even when he was in a relationship, I was like, ‘Get out of that. You could [be with] anybody that you want right now, so have fun and do that.'”

It seems that our boy took the advice from his tour buddy and has been dating around quite a bit! Some of these are for sure just rumors, but we have a feeling there’s at least a bit of truth to most of them. Scroll down to see the 12 women that Nick has been romantically linked to since his split with Olivia just last year!

Kendall Jenner

Just before Kendall's BFF Gigi Hadid hooked up with her current-bae Zayn Malik, she was dating Nick's bro and current DNCE band member, Joe Jonas. That relationship pushed Kendall and Nick to spend a lot of time together, which is where rumors of the relationship started to grow just two months after the "Jealous" crooner confirmed his split with Olivia. However, just as quick as the suspicions started, NJ publicly shut them down. He told E! News, "We're not dating." That's a good thing, too, because Joe & Gigi broke up just a couple months later.

Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner


Around the same time that people started gossiping about the former JoBro and Kendall, a Tinashe-Nick romance rumor started brewing, too. Since they did the "Jealous" remix, sources claimed the two were hanging out on the DL and that he attended one of her NYC concerts before leaving with the "2 On" singer! Since they met each other while he was still with Olivia, their match up (if there was one) would have been a little messy.

Photo: Instagram @tinashenow

Selena Gomez

This sounds familiar, doesn't it? While the two dated way back in 2008, there were reports that the two were hanging out again last fall. Seeing the former sweethearts together immediately got fans thinking a reunion was in order. He later confirmed that the two hung out in Venice and then teased, "It was nice to connect and just catch up... I'll leave it there!" He made sure to mention that there were other options, too, so we're guessing the reunion (if there was one) was brief and not too serious.

Photo: Instagram @selenagomez

Kate Hudson

Nick's connection with this woman (who is 13 years older than him!) made headlines for quite some time. People first started talking about this potential hookup when the pair was spotted at Disneyland together in late 2015. Although the rumors seemd crazy, they were photographed hanging out mutiple times after that initial sighting, too! While on The Ellen Show last may, the 24-year-old confirmed that the two have an "unbelievable connection," and Kate had previously mentioned that she was "dating," but not in a serious relationship. We're not sure we can count this duo as a confirmed something, but all signs sure point towards it!

Photo: Instagram @katehudson

Jennifer Lawrence

IIt looks like the "Bacon" crooner is sometimes the source of his own dating rumors, too! While playing the game "To Bae or Not to Bae" on a British radio show, Nick said: "To bae for sure... what's not to love?" It didn't seem like the declaration of bae-possibility really went anywhere, though, as he has since been caught getting cozy with several other women.

Photo: Wenn Images

Tove Lo

Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson AKA Tove Lo and Nick J apparently became "Close" after the music video for their collaboration came out. While fans saw a serious connection between the two on the screen and in their live performances, both parties have stated that there is nothing truthful about these reports of any off-camera fling.

Photo: Instagram @tovelo

Barbara Palvin

There were reports of Nick hanging out with this stunning supermodel in Las Vegas in March 2016. While some snuggly photos of the two were posted on Instagram, there is no evidence that anything more went down. But then again we also have to consider that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so there's really no way to know!

Photo: Instagram @realbarbarapalvin

Lily Collins

Nick's relationship with Lily is the closest thing to confirmed that we've got since he has been pretty tight-lipped about his romantic conquests ever since his split. He said in late May, "We went out a couple times. She is amazing." Hmmm...

Photo: Instagram @lilyjcollins

Camila Cabello

Instagram seriously causes so much drama! In June, Nick posted a pic of him and Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello and fans seriously went wild and started to refer to the two hotties as "Nilla"! It's safe to say that people were shipping them hard but soon thereafter, the teen took a page from Nick's book and shut down the rumors. She tweeted that she was happy for her "friend" Nick Jonas on his new album. Such a bummer!

Photo: Instagram @camila_cabell o

Shay Mitchell

Shay is yet another victim of rumors starting from a steamy Nick Jonas music video! Like with what happened to Tove Lo, when fans saw Nick and Shay's intense chemistry in his "Under You" vid, people were convinced there must be something going on behind the scenes, because you just can't fake passion like that! But according to Shay, yes, you can! She says the video shoot made them friends and refers to him as "awesome" but also says they're both busy and have only seen each other twice since filming.

Photo: Instagram @shaymitchell

Cherry D

Last month, your favorite player was spotted with yet another woman! OMG — this list is getting long. Cherry D, who is a backup singer and dancer who toured with him and Demi Lovato, was seen grabbing dinner with the musician a few times. When fans investigated further, they also found shots of the former Disney star with his hand on the girl's booty.

Photo: Instagram @misscherryd

Sarah Duque Lovisoni

The latest on Nick Jonas's apparent list of lucky ladies is yet another model; seems our boy has a type! While filming his movie Jumanji in Hawaii, he was spotted laying out in the sun and getting a meal with this Venezuelan beauty. We believe that his Last Year Was Complicated if even half of these dating rumors have been true!

Photo: Instagram @sarahduquel

See Who Nick Jonas ~Dated~ Before Olivia Culpo

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