Divergent Star Arrested for Stupid AF Reason, & it Was All Caught on Camera

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Shailene Woodley always stands up for what she believes in, but this time her desire to make the world a better place got her in serious trouble. The 24-year-old actress was peacefully protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in Sioux County, North Dakota, this morning with hundreds of other people when police arrived and arrested her for criminal trespassing. Oh, and did we mention the entire incident was caught on camera because she was on Facebook Live as it was happening? Yep — that was a thing.

As expected, the Divergent actress was insanely confused when cops with “giant guns and batons and zip ties” showed up, “grabbed [her] by the jacket” and told her she was under arrest.

I was trespassing like everyone,” Shai said to the police officers who showed up at the scene. “As soon as you guys asked me to leave, I l left. She was down there, everybody was down there; I’m being arrested. I was down there with everybody else. I don’t know what’s going on. As soon as they came I left… it’s because I’m well known. It’s because I have 40,000 people watching.”

It was then that an official handcuffed the YA movie star and began leading her away from the camera.

The Morton County Sheriff confirmed the news of Shailene’s arrest to E! News, and also stated that 26 other people were also arrested at the protest.

Shai was not trying to cause a problem, but rather stop a pipeline from being built on sacred land and burial grounds.

Shailene Woodley’s arrest was pretty shocking, but nothing can come close to the confusion we felt when these Disney stars got thrown in jail:

Britney Spears

The Queen of Pop has been to jail more than once. Her most notable arrest was in 2007, when the former Mickey Mouse Club star was locked up after being involved in a hit-and-run accident. In addition to hitting a parked car and leaving the scene, Brit was charged with driving without a valid license. Yikes! A year later, the "Pretty Girls" singer was again arrested, this time for a custodial dispute.

Photo: Instagram (@britneyspears)

Orlando Brown

The That's So Raven alum has run into trouble with the law numerous times since his show went off the air in 2007. In fact, in April of 2007, Orlando was arrested for possession of marijuana and that was only the beginning of his run-ins with the law. According to reports, in 2011 he received a DUI while driving with his girlfriend in Hollywood. Then, in 2012, he was arrested twice for not completing the conditions of his DUI. Not cool buddy.

Photo: Instagram (@orlandobrown_)

Christina Aguilera

Xtina is a total bad-ass, who we love for her singing voice, but what might surprise you is that she, too, has been arrested in the past. The Mickey Mouse Club alum got into trouble in 2011 when she was booked for public intoxication. The mentor on The Voice was with her longtime BF, Matthew Rutler, who was arrested for a DUI at the time, but they both were eventually released on bail and the charges were dropped.

Photo: Instagram (@xtina)

David Henrie

The Wizards of Waverly Place actor is pretty much the most innocent person on this list. In 2010, while the show was still on the air, David and his little brother, Lorenzo Henrie, were arrested in California while visiting the Universal City Walk. According to reports, the two boys had a confrontation and verbal argument with people leaving the area and once Lorenzo was being held back by security, David supposedly became aggressive while protecting his brother. They were released after being held for about two hours.

Photo: Instagram (@davidhenrie)

Lalaine Vergara

It looks like Lizzie's BFF, Miranda (from Lizzie McGuire), isn't so innocent in real life. In July 2007, the California native was arrested for possession of crystal meth, but she managed to keep it hush-hush until April 2008. Before she pled guilty to the charges, she was fined $50,000 for not showing up to court. The bench warrant for her arrest was dismissed when she eventually showed up to court in February. Lalaine's record was later expunged after completing a drug-treatment program.

Photo: Instagram (@thelalaine)

Jason Weaver

Eww! The Smart Guy actor was arrested in July 2011 for basically being gross. Jason, who played Marcus Henderson on the Disney show, and appeared in Drumline, was reportedly put in jail after, wait for it, defecating on someone's lawn in Atlanta, Georgia. As in POOPING on someone else's property. All. The. Ick.

Photo: Instagram (@itsjasonweaver)

Mackenzie Phillips

Although Mackenzie played the super cool, rocker mom on Disney Channel's So Weird, in 2008, she was anything but a cool role model. In August of that year, the actress was arrested after airport security found what appeared to be heroine and cocaine on her person. According to People, she was booked in Van Nuys, California and bail was set at $10,000. Mackenzie has had a long history of drug abuse, so this arrest didn't come as a surprise.

Photo: Twitter (@MackPhillips)

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