Hours Before Date with Kristen Stewart, Her Bae Was Caught with Famous Ex

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If you were wondering whether or not Kristen Stewart had really moved on from her on-again-off-again girlfriend Alicia Cargile with Cara Delevingne‘s ex St. Vincent (whose real name is Annie Clark), it seems that all signs are pointing to yes. The new couple was seen holding hands and kissing in NYC last night, but that doesn’t mean the relationship questions are completely dunzo.

Just hours before the 34-year-old was publicly canoodling with the Twilight actress, she was photographed walking around New York City with the 24-year-old supermodel.

While some people think the photo shows St. Vincent and Cara holding hands, others aren’t convinced.

We may never know if the exes were, in fact, holding hands, but it’s obvious that they’re on good enough terms to hang out despite their recent breakup. What we do know for sure is that Cara and Annie were def together just hours before the latter took KStew out for a romantic evening.

Contrary to popular belief, exes can definitely remain friend after a split, and it seems like all three ladies are pretty content in their current lifestyles. If they’re happy, we’re happy!

Before Kristen started dating girls, she dated quite a few hot guys!

Michael Angarano

After they met while filming the indie movie, Speak, Michael and Kristen dated for about four years before she broke up with him and "broke his heart" to be with a different movie co-star...

Photo: WENN

Robert Pattinson

When art imitated life for the two Twilight co-stars, Twihards FREAKED out. The pair kept a relatively low profile and seemed very happy together, until Rupert Sanders came along...

Photo: WENN

Rupert Sanders

In the scandal that was photographed for the entire world to see, Kristen cheated on R.Pattz with her Snow White and the Huntsman director. You know what they say, pictures or it didn't happen. Well in this case, it definitely did.

Photo: WENN

James Franco

After Kristen and Robert split, rumors swirled that James was trying to win over the Twilight star. A few months later, James denied the rumors saying that he never even asked her out.

Photo: WENN

Lane Garrison

After Lane and Kristen met while shooting Camp X-Ray, she apparently invited him to stay in her house instead of the hotel he was living in at the time. There was never confirmation if the two were, in fact, romantically involved or not.

Photo: WENN

Nicholas Hoult

And in the latest KStew dating rumors, Nicholas Hoult apparently ended things with Jennifer Lawrence to be with his Equals co-star. Everyday there seems to be new rumors about if they are or are not together, and perhaps only time will tell if we ever learn the true story.

Photo: WENN

Proof Kristen Stewart is So Much Better Off Dating Girls

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