8 Hollywood Hotties That Allegedly Swept Halsey Off Her Feet

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Ashley Frangipane, better know by her stage name Halsey, has been has completely blown up this past year. After her duet with Justin Bieber on his late-2015 album Purpose and a steamy performance with The Chainsmokers at the 2016 MTV VMAs, the singer-songwriter went from being a staple in the indie music community to a household name.

A self-proclaimed One Direction fangirl, you might be surprised to find out that she’s never hooked up with a 1D guy (that we know of!) despite her awesome personality, energetic attitude and stunning good looks. But that’s not to say her dating timeline isn’t full of Hollywood’s sexiest singles. In fact, the list of guys and gals that the bisexual “Colors” singer has been romantically linked to is 100 percent jealousy inducing. Seriously, this chick is one of the luckiest ladies in the biz (and the people she’s hooking up with are pretty lucky, too!).

Ashton Irwin

Rumors emerged about this 5 Seconds of Summer cutie and Halsey being on the relationship train when they stepped out on Halloween together and Instagrammed a few adorable (and coupley) photos. Hals has been friends with all the 5SOS guys for a while now, and Ash+Ash have said time and time again that they are just friends.

BUT even though they've always denied romance rumors in the past, people once again began to speculate that there was a lot more than friendship going on between these two singers, especially considering the Aussie dude split with his model GF Bryana Holly just a few months ago.

Photo: Instagram (@iamhalsey)

Andrew Taggart

One of the most memorable moments at the 2016 MTV VMAs had to be when The Chainsmokers and Halsey took the stage and performed a sexy rendition of their collaboration, "Closer." Let's just say the show got a little NSFW as The Chainsmokers' Andrew's hands began to wander all over the 22-year-old's body. At various points in the routine it even appeared like the two were about to kiss!

Even though Drew came out after the performance saying he thought he "sounded like sh*t," it doesn't seem like the whole night was a complete fail! If their on-stage chemistry converts at all off-stage, then their relationship is basically a done deal. Just a couple weeks after the VMA show, the guy and his GF went to splitsville, making many wonder if she was uncomfy with Halsey and her man getting 'closer' on stage.

Photo: Instagram (@iamhalsey)


This Norwegian producer and singer-songwriter are basically the edgy version of Jelena: trying to keep up with whether they're together or "on a break" is near impossible. Although the two reportedly broke up last December, on Valentine's Day they seemed to be on again with Halsey 'gramming a photo of the guy giving her a bouquet of flowers! If history is any indicator, their current off-again period in the relaysh shouldn't last long.

Photo: Instagram (@iamhalsey)

Jared Leto

Halsey and the Suicide Squad actor more than twice her age were spotted getting flirty with each other at Coachella 2016. Though the duo opted out of wearing flower crowns for the occasion, they were photographed with their arms wrapped around each other and looking pretty lovey-dovey. Then when Diplo posted a Snapchat of the two chillaxing at the Met Gala in what looked like matching outfits, people were equal parts confused and excited for the potential match up.

Photo: Snapchat @Diplo

Justin Bieber

JB and Halsey collaborated on "The Feeling" for his most recent album and it. is. a. JAM! Apart from the fact that basically any time sexy singers team up to make a romantic song relationship rumors are inspired, the two's performance on Today in November was added "evidence" of fling. The pair seemed quite touchy-feely and then they were seen exiting an AMAs party together that same month.

In early 2016, Halsey discussed her relationship with the "What Do You Mean?" Canadian telling Billboard, "You don't know fear until it's 7am and freezing cold on live television and you're not sure if Justin Bieber is going to kiss you or not." It's unclear if that quote confirms some sexual tension existing between the two or is a deep burn on The Biebs, but take it how you will.

Photo: Instagram (@iamhalsey)

Ruby Rose

Ever since Ruby's long-term relationship with Phoebe Dahl ended, she's been linked to a ton of lovely ladies in Hollywood, including the "New Americana" crooner. Last December, the two shared some flirtatious words on Twitter, grabbed a pre-Star Wars viewing bite to eat and posed together for a few pics. These events sent Ruby-Halsey shippers into a frenzy. They've been seen chilling together a couple times since their date-like outing, but both have also been photographed hanging with lots of other people. While they would make a cute AF couple and seem to have a ton in common, we have a feeling these two are just tight homies.

Photo: Instagram (@iamhalsey)

Josh Dun

The drummer in 21 Pilots and Halsey were romantically linked around the same time that rumors were flying about Ruby Rose and the Biebs, but Josh told Rolling Stone that any dating rumors were pure fiction. "She's a good friend...I'm in a place right now where I just want to enjoy being single," he said. Being "single" doesn't exactly rule out some casual hookin' up and we know that guys in bands is kind of Ashley's type!

Photo: Twitter

Matt Healy

If you don't know who Matt is, you can probably guess what he does for a living considering the other dudes Ash is clearly attracted to — he's the lead vocalist for The 1975! Her debut EP Room 93 was apparently titled as an homage to a hotel room the two shared one night ( !!! ) and her hit song "Colors" was based on the British vocalist, too.

While there is no word on whether the two were anything more serious than just a hookup, Halsey told Billboard, "I spent a lot of time watching him and he spent a lot of time loving being watched. But if you think he's the first red-wine-­drinking, pretty-boy rocker in skinny jeans I've been associated with, you're out of your f*cking mind." Not only does that put Matt in the "confirmed" category — but it also suggests some honesty in all of the other "pretty boy rocker" dating rumors on this list.

Photo: Tumblr

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