6 Stars Who Thought They Bombed Their YA Movie Audition, But Still Got the Part

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There are tons of reasons why actors get turned down for major movie roles. Sometimes, schedules don’t work out. Other times, casting directors have a specific actor in mind for hte part they’re trying to fill. And then, of course, there’s always the situation where stars go in to read for a role and end up bombing it hardcore.

Actors and actresses are obviously their own own worst critics, so while they often leave an audition thinking they effed up majorly, people on the outside don’t always agree. You can only imagine the surprise the following YA movie stars felt after they truly believed they bombed an important try-out, only to eventually land the gig.

Miles Teller

Role: Sutter, The Spectacular Now

They say third time's a charm, but in TSN's case, it was third actor.

"[My first audition] didn’t go very well," Miles told The Huffington Post. "I don't usually audition poorly, but this was one of the bad ones. I felt like I was acting, and that's a bad sign. I asked for another audition. I did that audition and it went a little better, but then I heard Thomas McDonell was playing the part; they kind of had their cast. There was a different director at that time: Lee Toland Krieger. A year later, it came back around with James Ponsoldt involved, only Nicholas Hoult. had the offer."

But even though he bombed the audition and was technically the film's third Sutter, Miles eventually fought his way to the top and reigned victorious.

Photo: A24

Shailene Woodley

Role: Aimee, The Spectacular Now

Like Miles, Shailene also tried out for The Spectacular Now "twice, and bombed both auditions." But even though the 24-year-old knew things weren't looking good for her, she was determined to get the role of Aimee.

"I emailed my agents once a week asking what was going on with the movie," she said. "I did that for nine months. Finally, they agreed to see me a second time, but I had to fly to New York for the audition." Luckily, her hard work and persistence paid off!

Photo: A24

Dylan O'Brien

Role: Thomas, The Maze Runner

It wasn't Dylan's acting skills that almost cost him the lead in The Maze Runner — it was his hair!

"I didn’t hear back for like a month and a half, because [director] Wes [Ball] was like, 'His hair is too MTV!' That's what he thought, which was so funny. Then he saw a picture of me with more regular hair, the buzz cut or something from Teen Wolf and he brought me back and it worked."

Too MTV?! That's a new one.

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Alex Pettyfer

Role: John, I Am Number Four

Alex may perhaps be the only actor to ever sabotage himself for a role he actually wanted really badly! "I sat down [for the I Am Number Four audition, they role the tape, I'm about to say my first word, and I go, 'I'm sorry, I can't do this.' The director's like, 'What?' I said, 'I can't do this, sorry.' I got up and walked out the door of the audition. I think maybe it was nerves, or the people who were attached."

But despite his first-audition freak-out, the actor was still invited to come back for a screen test...but things didn't turn to sunshine and rainbows just yet.

"They called after a week and a half, and I just said no... I was just like, 'Please, just leave me alone.' Not in a bad way; I really wanted to do the project. I think most actors are insecure and scared of rejection. I think I was scared I would let people down in the role."

And that is what you call fate.

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Scott Eastwood

Role: Luke Collins, The Longest Ride

Although he didn't have a specific reason why, Scott Eastwood felt he "bombed" his audition for TLR. "Sometimes as an actor you [just] think those things," he said while promoting the film on The Today Show.

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Katherine Waterston

Role: Porpentina Goldstein, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Katherine's entire Fantastic Beasts audition process was basically "a nightmare." First, she read in front of a casting director who was not in a very good mood.

"At that audition, I thought it really couldn't have gone worse... The casting director had just eaten a lot of cake, and he said, 'I'm sorry, I just ate a lot of cake,' and then he had like indigestion during my audition, and he didn't seem to be watching me. So I thought, 'Oh, I'm boring him.'

The actress eventually got called back, but that didn't stop her nerves. "[It's] just a nightmare because then you're really attached by that point, and you're fantasizing and thinking about the character and why you're the only person who can play her because of whatever reasons you've dreamed up."

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