6 Sets of Celebrity Twins Who Admitted to Switching Places with Each Other IRL

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For the majority of us non-twins, the idea of having a human who’s identical to us sounds awesome. The science-smart twin can take every chemistry test and whenever you get caught in the act of doing something wrong, just blame it on your sib! Realistically, there are probably some drawbacks to having a twin, too, but Hollywood has quite a few famous identical (and fraternal) duos that love each other a lot.

One question that people love to ask twins is, “Do you ever switch places?” While we’re pretty sure that most twins (famous and non-famous alike) have pulled such a prank, the following celebrity twins have actually admitted to pulling a real-life Parent Trap and switching places:

Cole & Dylan Sprouse

The Suite Life stars played pranksters on their Disney show, but we can officially confirm that they are just like Zack and Cody after they admitted to pulling a major stunt at their NYU graduation.

While most fans can tell these bros apart (though, TBH, no one can really choose which one is the 'hot one' anymore because they're both so cute), that didn't stop them from pulling the good ol' switcheroo during their grad ceremony.

"We actually received each other's diplomas," Cole told Teen Vogue. "We just decided, you know, there's no reason not to. No one's going to notice."

Photo: Twitter (@colesprouse)

Ethan & Grayson Dolan

These YouTubing twins actually decided to make a video in which they switched places to prank some unsuspecting victims!

After putting on identical outfits, the twins went to a department store and Ethan asked people to watch his dog (SIDE NOTE: adorable husky), just to have his identical brother take it away (and, thus, convince the dog-watcher that they had lost the pup!). While not everyone fell for it, the video is pretty hilarious to watch and makes us all seriously jealous we don't have a twin to do pull those kind of stunts with.

Photo: Instagram (@ethandolan)

Max & Charlie Carver

Unlike some of the other twins on this list, it's basically impossible to tell these Teen Wolf brothers apart. So, it's no surprise that the two pulled a pretty successful twin trick in sixth grade — that was until their differing talents in band class gave them away!

In an interview with Just Jared, Max admitted, "We switched places for a whole day, which worked out beautifully. We took each other's tests, did reasonably well on them, changed clothes, all that. It was perfect until band class, where we had to switch instruments." Charlie's trombone playing skills were pretty easy for Max to fake, but Max's lack of know-how when it came to the bass clarinet was a dead giveaway.

Charlie said, "We got in serious trouble." Turns out that they got suspended for the prank! Hopefully it was worth it.

Photo: Instagram (@maxcarver)

James & Oliver Phelps

We think it's safe to say that for any duo to play Harry Potter's Fred & George Weasley so perfectly, they've got to have a couple tricks up their sleeves IRL. They've admitted to playing pranks on the HP set to keep themselves and others entertained, so it was no big shocker to learn that the two did switch roles at one point during their HP stints.

However, if you're expecting to find a scene in which you see Oliver's neck mole (his distinguishing feature) on Fred Weasley, you'll come up disappointed. While rumors swirled that the two did a switch for HP7 and had to re-shoot several scenes when the director found out, the guys set the record straight. James and Oliver actually only switched roles during a rehearsal as a joke, and unfortunately, no cameras were rolling. Or at least — they haven't admitted any on-camera life-swapping, but maybe one day we'll find out otherwise!

Photo: Wenn Images

Rami & Sami Malek

If you ever see Mr. Robot's Rami Malek walking down the street and want to ask for an autograph, make sure it's really him because a lot of people don't know he actually has a twin bro!

Even though Rami told Jimmy Kimmel, "We don't look as much alike as we used to," he also said that the two used to switch places a lot! "We were troublemaker as kids. We did some bad stuff," he revealed.

When asked for specifics, he told the following story: "He calls me one day, I had just got back from theater school. We had gone to different colleges and he calls me in kind of a panic and goes, 'Hey, do you know a Greek monologue from a Greek tragedy?' I'm like, 'Yeah, of course, I've just been doing this for 4 years.' He goes, 'I need you to do this for my class, it's going to give me the points I need to get my degree.'"

That sounds pretty bad! "I deliver this monologue in front of the lecture hall and I get a few applause, people dig it. I think [the professor] starts looking at me kind of accusatory like, 'Where the hell did you come up with that?' She goes, 'How did you learn how to do that?' and I go, 'Uh, just a hobby.'"

Rami and Sami got away with it. Talk about helping a brother out — Sami can thank his bro for his degree!

Photo: Twitter (@jolipeurose)

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Everybody knows that Mary Kate and Ashley's first big role was on Full House as the youngest Tanner. While nowadays it's basically common knowledge that the two shared Michelle's role, while the show was actually airing it was a surprise for a lot of the fans!

Even though they are actually fraternal twins, they looked so similar when they were young (they were cast at just 6 months old), the producers could just switch them in and out so that the viewers wouldn't see a difference! FUN FACT: Before Dylan and Cole were Zack and Cody, they did a similar trick on Friends. It's pretty common in the entertainment biz to have twins play young characters because of U.S. child labor laws.

Photo: Instagram (@Sephora)

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