The Most Shocking Louis Tomlinson News of the Year (Apart from the Baby)

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Louis Tomlinson really knows how to make an entrance and an exit. In January, he kicked off the year with the birth of his son, Freddie Reign Tomlinson — an event One Direction fans had been anticipating, since word got out that he got stylist Briana Jungwirth pregnant the year prior. Still, despite knowing it was coming, it didn’t take away the shock that a 1D guy was a dad.

Fast forward to December, the end of 2016, and he’s making another shocking move: Apparently, the 24-year-old is going solo!

Following in the footsteps of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan, Louis is trying his hand at a music project sans the group — the last of the One Direction guys to plan on doing so.

According to The Sun, “Louis is a brilliant songwriter and had not initially planned his own solo career.” But, lo and behold, that’s exactly what the musician did. “Bosses at Simon Cowell‘s record label, Syco, are very impressed with what he has been working on and are keen for a release,” the report continues. “He’s been back in the studio and has been working on some really amazing music. He’s played some to the powers that be at Syco, who are really excited. They think he could be a real success as a solo artist, given his proven ability to write hit records and massive fanbase as part of 1D.”

Niall recently said that the band will get back together someday, but this so-called hiatus looks like it’s gonna be an incredibly long one now that everyone’s got their own musical careers.
Band members try their hand at solo music all the time. Here’s a ranking of some of ’em (no 1D guys included) from worst to first:

Adrienne Bailon

ORIGINAL GROUP: 3LW; The Cheetah Girls

Solo album STILL pending.

Photo: WENN

Ashley Parker Angel


Remember him?? Those were the days.

Photo: Universal

Marques Houston


Ick, considering the other stuff going on with him after the demise of B2K, we're not fans.

Photo: Capitol Records

Nick Carter

ORIGINAL GROUP: Backstreet Boys

Decent enough, but we prefer him as part of BSB.

Photo: RCA

Missy Elliott


After her stint in Sista, Missy hit the big time going solo. To this day, she's the only female rapper to have SIX certified-platinum albums.

Photo: Atlantic Records

Mel B


She did recently come out with a solo music video. Still waiting on everything else though. (If there is an 'everything else.')

Photo: EMI

Wyclef Jean


It's been some time since we've heard anything from the Fugees, but you definitely haven't heard the last of WJ.

Photo: Refugee La Republique Records

Nicole Scherzinger

ORIGINAL GROUP: Eden's Crush; Pussycat Dolls

She was pretty much the only member of PCD anyone talked about anyway, so not much of a difference.

Photo: Interscope

Nick Lachey


Remember all the post-Jessica Simpson breakup tracks? Awkward. Catchy, but awkward.

Photo: Universal

Joe Jonas

ORIGINAL GROUP: Jonas Brothers

Well, with the breakup of the JoBros, perhaps there's still hope for JJ's solo career after all.

Photo: Hollywood Records

Gwen Stefani


Hollaback, girl!

Photo: Universal


ORIGINAL GROUP: The Black Eyed Peas

Don't get us wrong,'s up there, too.

Photo: Interscope


ORIGINAL GROUP: Middleground

Bet you didn't even know Alecia Moore was part of a band prior to stardom.

Photo: RCA

Selena Gomez

ORIGINAL GROUP: Selena and the Scene

Eh, no one really cared about 'The Scene' anyway.

Photo: Hollywood Records

Justin Timberlake


JC Chasez and Lance can try all they want, but JT's not giving up that spotlight.

Photo: RCA


ORIGINAL GROUP: Destiny's Child

Kelly & Michelle who? B's been queen forevaaa.

Photo: Columbia

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