Liam Payne’s ‘Baby Mama’ ~Dated~ A Lot of Guys Before Finding Her 1D Man

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By this point, everyone is well aware that Liam Payne is dating X-Factor judge, Cheryl Cole Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Cheryl and the two are most likely expecting a baby together. Despite their 10-year age difference, we’ve gotta admit that the pair is pretty frickin’ adorable. However, they actually started their relationship under pretty sketch circumstances — she was still legally married to another guy when the fling began (and actually, still is). Some other juicy gossip: if Cheryl and Liam ever decide to tie the knot, it will be the 33-year-old’s THIRD wedding.

Cheryl has been a woman in high-demand in the past, dating a wide range of hunky guys. Her drop-dead gorg looks and fun-loving personality have gotten her romantically linked to 13 sexy celebrity men…and that was all BEFORE Liam came into the picture.

Ashley Cole

Cheryl's first hubby was a soccer star named Ashley and the two were together for six years before breaking things off in 2010. While the former husband and wife were constantly being accused of cheating with other stars, both stayed firm that the rumors were 100 percent false, even after the breakup.

Photo: Wenn did a duet with the Girls Aloud singer in 2007 for a song called "Heartbreaker," and it sparked cheating rumors. The two remain good friends and constantly must deny that they are romantically involved. Hopefully when the Payne baby comes the vicious gossip about the relationship between these two can finally end for good.

Photo: Wenn Images

MC Harvey

This English rapper said in a 2012 interview that he formerly had a relationship with Cheryl right after she split from her first husband. The brunette beauty was livid and publicly declared his words complete fiction on social media. She wrote, "Was this 'relationship' happening in your head @harveyofficial?! Are you smoking something?"

One week later, he corrected himself, mentioning that the two never went out and he'd never "been with her," but rather had a five-month "communication relationship" — whatever that means.

Photo: Instagram (@harveyofficial)

Derek Hough

Another guy came clean about his hookup with Cheryl after her divorce. This time, it was Dancing With the Stars pro, Derek Hough. The Grease Live! star said, "[Cheryl and I] dated for a while. Absolutely we are still friends, we are very close." Julianne Hough's brother took Cher on a romantic vacation in 2010 to Tanzania after meeting on set for her "Parachute" music video in '09!

Photo: Wenn

50 Cent

Despite the fact that 50 has officially declared this allegation FALSE, the fiery romance rumors were going strong for quite some time. A source said Cheryl was using Derek and to distract the media while she actually pursued 50 Cent — the guy who really stole her heart. Apparently, she knew that Ashley had strong negative feelings about the rapper and she wanted to make sure he didn't find out about their love.

Of course, now we know all of this is BS. 50 Cent told Daily Star, "Cheryl Cole, that's a good rumor... I like that one. No, I don't have her number but she is hot." Thanks for the honesty!

Photo: Wenn

Taio Cruz

At the end of 2011, it was reported that the "Dynamite" singer and Cheryl were going on a romantic New Years Eve date. Taio had previously posted a photo of Cheryl on his IG of her wearing one of his watches (they had been working on a different project together) and people started talking about their apparent love affair immediately.

Photo: Wenn

Prince Harry

We'll just say it outright: there's no way this fling actually ever happened. Though there has been a clear flirtation throughout the years (earlier this year, the royal cutie said it was his "duty" to the country to marry the female pop star), there's no evidence that points to any actual action happening between these two Brits.

The idea of a Cheryl/Harry coupling started in 2012 when the singer said she had a dream about Prince William's brother and then told Graham Norton that she would "consider" it if the 32-year-old royal ever asked her on a date. Even though people were convinced that he must have asked her out after seeing the interview, the pair has never even been spotted together and all conversations about the other seem more like playful banter than actual feelings.

Photo: Wenn

Chace Crawford

After Chace and Cheryl engaged in some public flirting online, something steamier may have happened between them. The singer had a cameo in his film What to Expect When You're Expecting, but the pair never even met!

He said, "If someone could arrange a date for me with Cheryl Cole, I'd be there straight away." Then on Twitter, Cheryl was asked who her fave actor was. She wrote back, "Chace Crawford :D." Who knows if the two actually figured out a way to get together, but it's pretty clear that each of them were def down for the other.

Photo: Wenn

Wretch 32

"Screw You," a collaboration song between Cheryl and Wretch 32, was the inspiration for gossip that these two were dating back in 2012. She was seen with the English rapper (clearly a type she has a thing for) leaving Le Caprice restaurant and said about the photos, "I was out for dinner with him." While that doesn't necessarily mean the two were on a date (we go out to dinner with our friends all the time!) it does mean the two enjoy hanging out and means the possibility of a fling between the two is not that far-fetched.

Photo: Wenn

Tom Daley

Did it "go down in DM" with these two celebs? Long before Tom came out as gay in 2015, he was romantically linked to The X Factor judge after engaging in a flirtatious back-and-forth convo via Twitter.

After he won the Gold Medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics for Britain, Cher tweeted, "Congratulations @TomDaley1994.. You did us all proud.. !! Now you should have some free time to teach me that dive !! :D". He excitedly wrote back, "I will :) we need to get it organised! I will DM you now :)"... Now we now know he's gay but, come on, those ARE a lot of smiley faces. Tom admitted that he had a crush on Cheryl and said had a calendar of her hanging in his bedroom at one point! OMG! When asked if she would consider dating the adorable diver she said, "I mean, if I was 10 years younger then probably!" Which is pretty funny considering that her current bae and Tom are less than one year apart in age!

Photo: Wenn

Tre Holloway

Our girl clearly likes a guy with moves! The beautiful Brit dated this American dancer from August 2012 to October 2013, but unfortunately the long-distance relaysh was too much for the couple to handle.

Photo: Wenn

Simon Cowell

Now we know Simon's been at the center of several cheating scandals, but would Cheryl really have an affair with her fellow X-Factor judge? According to some sources, yes! Her Girls Aloud group member responded to those rumors telling OK mag that the stories were totally untrue. When asked if there was a fling between Cheryl and Simon, Kimberley Walsh confirmed she can, "categorically say that is not the case."

Photo: Wenn

Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini

Cheryl secretly married this French restaurateur after a short three months of dating. Surprise, surprise — the marriage didn't last very long at all. During the Fall of 2015, fans started noticing that J-B and his wife weren't spending much time together and Cheryl erased a photo of them together from her IG.

By January, Cheryl had filed for divorce from hubby #2. The month before she took the legal step to end her marriage, she was seen getting snuggly with Liam on the set of her TV show...

Photo: Wenn

Liam Payne

Liam and Cheryl first met way back in 2008 when she was a judge during his season of The X-Factor. When he performed she said, "I like you, I think you're really cute." While we can assume that she meant it in a totally PG way (he was 14 at the time!) it's still a little weird given their current status.

It wasn't until December 2015, when One Direction performed on The X-Factor (their last one before the hiatus!) that the pair was spotted hanging out again. During a commercial break, there was a quick shot of the two with their arms wrapped around each other. Even though she's most likely carrying Daddy Direction's baby, she's still technically married to J-B, who reportedly is stalling on signing the divorce papers into finalization.

Photo: Wenn

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