7 Female Celebrities Who Fooled the World with the Same Fake Piercing

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While getting a piercing isn’t nearly as permanent of a decision as a tattoo, it’s still something that requires some serious thought. Sure, there are way more celebrities who regret their ink rather than their body jewelry, but come on — sticking a hole through your skin isn’t something that should be taken lightly!

Even though famous females like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna decided to take the plunge and get bars shoved through their nipples, they weren’t quite ready to make the same choice when it came to their faces. These lovely ladies are just two stars who showed off a septum piercing (that is, a ring through the middle of their nose), only for the world to discover they were only temporary additions to their accessory collections.


Zendaya's 2014 American Music Awards look was so extreme that people barely noticed the tiny gold ring she had in her nose, but oh yes — it was there.

While this bad boy proved to be fake, the 20-year-old may have liked it so much that she decided to get a REAL one about a year later. Z tweeted a picture of herself to a fan in which she was wearing a silver ring, but never confirmed or denied if it was real or fake.

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Gigi Hadid

Models are asked to do a lot of crazy things to get the perfect picture — bleached eyebrows, bare breasts...you name it, they've done it! So when Gigi posted this photo featuring an elaborate septum piercing back in 2015, people only assumed it was real until they realized her caption was "set vibes, London."

Turns out, everyone's initial assumptions were wrong and the 'piercing' was actually just a clip-in used for the photoshoot, as we never saw it again.

Photo: Twitter

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner isn't afraid to make modifications to her face, but this change wasn't NEARLY as permanent as her lip fillers. The 19-year-old reality star added this HUGE ring to her nose as an accessory for her Elle Canada cover shoot in late 2015.

Photo: ELLE Canada

Joey King

While a teenage Joey King was happy to model her fake nose and lip rings on Instagram, she said she would NEVER actually get the metal on her face.

"Piercing worth 100 tickets at Dave and Busters......so worth it. #IWouldNeverACTUALLYGetThem #DontWorry," she captioned the pic."

Photo: Instagram

Kelli Berglund

This 20-year-old Disney Channel star showed off a edgy new look that turned out to be make-believe in March 2015. But whlile this nose ring was simply a clip-in used for a photoshoot, Kelli eventually DID get a real piercing through her right nostril about nine months later.

Photo: Instagram


The thought of Rihanna getting a septum piercing isn't crazy at all, especially since the singer already has jewelry in various places on her body. But when the 28-year-old debuted this elaborate nose ring at a celebrity basketball game in 2014, fans did some digging and discovered the thing was actually just an ouch-less clip that could be removed any time!

Photo: Getty

Jessica Biel

The theme of the 2013 Met Gala was PUNK: Chaos to Couture, which is why Jessica's fake nose piercing fit right in. Although the actress looked phenomenal with the added facial jewelry, she decided not to make it a permanent fixture in her life.

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