10 Incredible Hacks That’ll Make You a Dark-Lipstick-Wearing Pro in No Time

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The holidays are almost here, which means it’s officially time to put away your bright, colorful lipsticks and bust out those that make you look like a Gothic queen. While dark lippies are absolutely stunning to look at, they can sometimes be a little intimidating — how the heck do Instagram models make application look so perfect?! (*cough* Photoshop *cough*)

While you may think you’re a person who can’t pull off berry lipsticks, we’re here to tell you that you’re totally wrong. Everyone can rock vampy colors NMW, but after seeing the below hacks you’ll become a pro just in time for the upcoming holiday festivities.

1. Choosing the ride shade of berry lipstick is super important to making it wearable:

2. Dark lipstick shows every crack, dry patch, flaw, etc in your lips, so exfoliating first is super important:

3. They say practice makes perfect, but until you become a dark-lipstick pro, cleaning up the edges with concealer will be a trick that saves your life:

4. Looking to vamp up a classic red lipstick? Simply apply some black eyeliner to the edges and blend!

5. Blotting off any excess lipstick is a great way to ensure the color stays on your lips and doesn’t transfer to your face, teeth, etc.

6. You can also apply a little bit of translucent powder over the color to set it in place:

7. Try applying the powder over a thin tissue if you’re having a hard time making it look invisible:

8. Don’t have the perfect vampy lip color you want? No problem! Line your lips with black eyeliner and apply a purple/red gloss on top and voila!

9. One way to spice up a classic dark-lipstick look is to apply some gold cream eyeshadow to the center.

10. Make your own DIY berry lip stain using actual berries!

8 Lipstick Hacks to Get Lips Like Kylie Jenner’s

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