SPOTTED: Cara Delevingne & Ex-Girlfriend St. Vincent, Together Again

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2016 was a year to remember… and not necessarily for the best of reasons. (We don’t need to remind you of all the reasons why at the moment.) But, perhaps, there may be some good news to end the past 365 days on a good note: Cara Delevingne reunited with her ex-girlfriend, St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark)!

The 24-year-old supermodel and the 34-year-old singer-songwriter reportedly broke up in September due to the “pressures of the long-distance romance;” it was one of the most shocking splits of the year actually. However, they were spotted, together again, this week, at a museum in Los Angeles:

They also went out to dinner with family and friends:

Last anyone was aware, Cara was linked to Amber Heard, while St. Vincent was hooking up with Kristen Stewart. But Kristen was recently spotted with Miley Cyrus‘ ex, Stella Maxwell, as recently as Tuesday, at a bar in Savannah, Georgia. The two were first seen hanging out after this year’s Met Gala.

But, who knows? Maybe Cara and Annie are just friends. Maybe Kristen and Stella are just friends. Maybe Annie and Kristen are just friends. ’cause, after all, it is possible that lesbians and/or bisexual women are able to be in each other’s company without dating.
Even without Stella, KStew’s done pretty well with the ladies:

Tamra Natisin

Tamra is most known for being Katy Perry's assistant, but many also think she was Kristen's other woman during her relationship with Robert Pattinson. There weren't very many pieces of good evidence to support this fling other than that the two were spotted together several times while the actor was away shooting The Rover in 2013, and that Tamra is openly gay. The reports seemed to be complete BS when they came out, but now that KStew is open about her sexuality (and we know she wasn't always completely faithful to Rob), we won't say we know for certain that the rumors were false.

Photo: Twitter @Tamratam

Dakota Fanning

ANOTHER Twilight costar?! MAYBE. It wasn't even the vampire film franchise that stirred these rumors, but rather The Runaways, which both young stars appeared in. Dakota and Kristen did share a couple steamy scenes in the film, and both of them had already been the subjects of rumors flying around about their sexual orientation, so the media capitalized on their tight friendship (and slight touchy-feely tendencies during interviews). Some sources even reported that the two were very casually fooling around, but ultimately there was no concrete evidence proving that they were anything more than besties.

Photo: Instagram @dakotafanning

Alicia Cargile

Alicia and Kristen Stewart have broken up and gotten back together (at least) a couple of times. There were reports of the two dating way back in 2014, before the Twilight star even came out. Initially thought to be galpals, these two broke up for the first time in October '15, but then got back together this past summer.

KStew told Elle in July, "Right now I'm just really in love with my girlfriend." Since she's recently been caught with St. Vincent, it's safe to say this Into the Wild gal and Alicia are currently OFF, but with these two, we don't know how long they'll stay apart.


Lynn Gvnn

Kristen's rebound gal after her and Alicia's first breakup was Lynn, the lead singer of the group PVRIS. The pair was spotted together several times following the split, but there was never confirmation on whether the two were actually together.

Photo: Instagram @lynngvnn


Kris' relationship with this French singer and musician only lasted three months before the actress apparently ended things — likely due to her on-again/off-again relationship with Alicia. Neither Stephanie (SoKo's real name) nor KStew spoke publicly about their relationship, but the two WERE often seen out and about together, kissing and holding hands.

Even though SoKo didn't name names, she DID say, "I'm very, very, very in love and very happy in a relationship" at the same time they were seen canoodling.

Photo: Instagram @sokothecat

St. Vincent

Kristen's most recent fling is actually Cara Delevingne's ex-GF, Annie Clark, who is known by her stage name St. Vincent. Although neither Annie nor Kristen have confirmed their relationship, they were recently photographed holding hands and smooching in NYC.

It's possible the new match is trying to keep things casual given reports that the singer and Cara only broke up because of hectic schedules and that the two aren't exactly over each other — talk about awkward!

Photo: Instagram @st_vincent

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