All the Cartoons You Didn’t Realize Look Like Dove Cameron

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Kylie Jenner has a long list of cartoon doppelgangers — we counted 17 last year! — but she’s not the only young star with two-dimensional lookalikes. No no, Disney Channel queen Dove Cameron‘s got more than a handful herself. Check out all the 20-year-old Hairspray Live! star’s animated twinsies, including FOUR Disney Princesses, here:

1. Rapunzel (Tangled) — It’s all in the mane.

2. Elsa (Frozen) — Dat braid doe.

3 & 4. Cinderella & Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) — A wonderful combination.

5. Alice (in Wonderland) — Flawless.

6. Apple White (Ever After High) — UNCANNY!

15 things you didn’t know about Dove Cameron:

Her Disney Channel character's got Broadway roots.

"My character, Liv, is based off of Kristin Chenoweth's performance of Glinda in Wicked. I've loved her since I was 7!"

Photo: Kristin Chenoweth

Her facial hair is even talented!

"I can do The Wave with my eyebrows."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

There's one downside to her size.

"I tried to play piano my whole life, but hands are too small. My hands are abnormally small."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

Speaking of her petite frame...

"I haven't grown since I was 13."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

When she wants something, she works hard to get it.

"I used to walk pigeon-toed and then I worked every day for a year to correct it when I was 9."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

She almost made a decision that could've changed her future as we know it.

"I almost moved to New York over Los Angeles to peruse Broadway over Hollywood. And none of this would have happened!"

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

There's one pet she really wants.

"I really want a micro pig."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

On her list of vom-worthy foods:

"I cannot stand mayonnaise or tuna fish. They make me wanna gag!"

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

Let's throw it back to her first gig, shall we?

"My first role onstage was a dog."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

She wasn't always a USA girl.

"I spent a large amount of my childhood in India."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

She still treats dental hygiene like when she was a child.

"I still use bubblegum-flavored toothpaste. Like a little kid."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

But her dental hygiene doesn't mean she has perfect teeth.

"My bottom teeth are crooked, even though I had braces for two years because my sister's ex-boyfriend stole my retainer!"

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

As for her choice noms...

"I'm gluten free, dairy free, sugar free. By choice! Yay, healthy living."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

Well, hello there, smartypants.

"I've skipped two grades."

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

Acting isn't her only career goal.

"I wanna open up my own bakery one day!"

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

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